How to Get Trinity in Warframe

In Digital Extremes’ popular free-to-play online shooter, Warframe, Trinity is the most efficient battery available in the game. She regularly replenishes her teammates’ energy and health, even when they are going up against the deadliest of foes. Trinity players are among the most intrepid and heroic in the game.

If you are interested in becoming one of these noble healers, our brand new guide here will help you to get Trinity in Warframe.

How to Get Trinity in Warframe
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Get Trinity in Warframe

In order to acquire Trinity, you must face down the Ambulas boss battle at the Hades node on Pluto. Before that, you must farm the Ambulas first because after extracting, you will randomly receive the Neuroptics, Systems, or Trinity Chassis as rewards.

When fighting the Ambulas, you should try using Warframes like Ivara, Valkyr, and Nova along with Rhino or Limbo as supporting Warframes. Ivara and Valkyr do need specific builds in order to be effective against the Ambulas, but Nova’s Antimatter Drop ability is lethally effective against them. You will have to kill them, hack the security door, and then hold your ground against a horde of Ambulas during this mission.

Needless to say, going into it as part of a team will be much more effective. Do not forget to take along sufficient healing, weapons, and energy generation. You will be needing all of them to survive the battle.

Building Trinity in your Foundry

Once you get all the blueprints for Trinity’s components, you can go ahead and construct them in your Foundry by utilizing the resources listed below.


1 Neural Sensor

150 Alloy Plate

150 Polymer Bundle

500 Rubedo

15000 Credits


1 Morphic

300 Rubedo

1000 Ferrite

15000 Credits


1 Control Module

1 Morphic

220 Plastids

500 Salvage

15000 Credits

After successfully constructing all three components, combine them with Trinity’s primary blueprint. You can buy the latter at the Market for 25000 Credits. Every component requires twelve hours to construct, but you can build all of them simultaneously. You will require three days to construct the Trinity successfully. All of these building time periods can be bypassed by using Warframe’s deluxe in-game currency, Platinum.

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