Ways Your Language Major Can Make You A Better Designer

Language skills are a fundamental asset applicable to the entire range of professions. Regardless of which direction you are headed career-wise, a language major is almost guaranteed to come in handy. Let’s explore how a seemingly unrelated language major can help make you a better designer.


1.Peak an insight into peoples’ minds

Languages typify cultures they stem from and provide a telling insight into particular peoples’ way of thinking. Whatever you end up designing will be meant to appeal to customers and have to be tailored to a particular target audience. Speaking their language places you on the same page with the crowd, and the more languages you speak, the more you diversify your own worldview and the more types of different personalities you unlock. 


So make sure you learn as many languages as well as possible to become a more complete and knowledgeable professional in your sphere. 

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As a top designer, you will need to adjust your design choices to fit a particular market segment. Different people like different things. Speaking more than your own language will open a window into another culture and let you adjust to varying preferences. To create a truly impactful design, you need to account for variations in people and their preferences, which can be gauged in detail through the intricacies of a particular language. 

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3.Think different

According to studies, learning another language enhances one’s potential for diverse thought.  The capacity to come up with a variety of solutions to a certain problem in an effort to discover one that works is referred to as divergent thinking. The advantage this suggests to designers is simple: improved divergent thinking might help a designer generate more viable design alternatives, assisting them in arriving at a more well-thought-out final design.

4.Personal Touch

It takes time and deliberate observation for a designer to get a thorough knowledge of their user, just as it does for a student to develop a thorough comprehension of a language. Although seeing local speakers when learning a new language can teach you a lot, it takes time to grasp the subtleties of a language’s colloquialisms. In the same way, by watching your user, you may learn a lot about design—even things that they might not explicitly tell you.

5. Employability

Sporting a language major, especially in a widespread and international language like English, will significantly raise your stock on the job market and open up much more career opportunities in any field, including design. Multilingualism is highly valued by employers. Speaking another language fluently will make you a more well-rounded and desirable candidate for future job opportunities. If other skills are only narrowly applicable, knowing languages is a feat that will come in handy no matter your choice of profession.

There’s a hidden benefit as well. Language skills can even help you on your way to becoming a successful designer. A language major can even help you enlist in a design program in college or a design study program abroad. Top universities require impressive credentials that your language major can be a strong constituent of. 


Languages are primary tools for communicating thoughts and important means of creative self-expression. Mastering and expertly utilizing a language requires to pinpoint focus, ingenuity, and artfulness – skills that will carry over well into other creative professions like design. 

Being or becoming a designer, you might assume that the best way to further your craft is to focus solely on your specialization and follow it head-on, but different skills have their overlaps, some more than others, and diversifying and widening your overall abilities will shape you into a more well-rounded and capable professional. 

Think Leonardo Da Vinci. He channeled his talent diversely, and his artistry found many outlets in art, math, writing, philosophy, design & engineering; and we bet each of those pursuits helped the others and together made him into one of the greatest thinkers of all time.

Elaine Bailey is a professional author and a school teacher. She has had a lifelong interest in writing and has published more than a few works over the years. Elaine is passionate about languages and hopes to pass on her amassed knowledge to newer generations.

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