Where to Find All Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles Treasures 

miHoYo, the makers of Genshin Impact, have released a new turn-based RPG game called Honkai Star Rail, which has received great feedback from players. Among the game’s many side quests is the Adventurous Moles quest, which requires players to scavenger hunt across different locations to find treasures. This article will provide information on how to unlock and finish the Adventurous Moles quest and the locations of all its associated treasures.

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To find the Adventurous Moles side quest, two requirements must be met.

  • Complete Hook’s Treasure Quest
  • Complete The Return Quest

Firstly, you need to complete Hook’s Treasure Quest, which should become available once you’ve completed the first quest in the questline called Old Foreman’s Treasure and attained Trailblazer Level 18. 

Once you’ve completed the Hook’s Treasure Quest, you need to progress through the Belobog plotline until you reach The Return quest, where you unlock the Preservation Path for the Trailblazer. Once that’s accomplished, talk to Julian in Boulder Town to begin the Adventurous Moles quest.

Adventurous Moles Treasure Locations

In the Adventurous Moles quest, the Trailblazer is assigned to locate the remaining pages of a unique version of the Adventurous Moles book. The book contains just the preface and postface and a list of enigmatic clues indicating the whereabouts of the other pages. To finish the task, the Trailblazer needs to explore four different treasure locations.

The four treasure locations in The Adventurous Moles quest can be found in different areas: The Great Mines, Backwater Pass, Rivet Town, and the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone. It is worth noting that the first treasure can only be found at The Great Mines, while the others can be found in any order.

Treasure 1

The treasure’s first location is the Great Mine, where you need to retrieve a note and adjust a nearby lamp. The hint given for this location is “The Unexpected Parchment.”

Here are the steps to find the first treasure in the quest:

  1. Head to The Great Mines and look for a note on top of a nearby barrel.
  2. Pick up the note and read it to get clues on the location of the first treasure.
  3. Move to the marked location mentioned in the note.
  4. Look for a Miner’s Lamp placed on top of a cardboard box.
  5. Pick up the Miner’s Lamp from the cardboard box.
  6. Find a pipe located behind the metal fence in the same area.
  7. Take the Miner’s Lamp and place it on the pipe behind the fence.
  8. A treasure will appear at the same location where the lamp was found.
  9. Collect the treasure.
  10. Finally, you need to go back to Julian and talk to him to continue through the quest.

Treasure 2

To find the second treasure, you need to head to Backwater Pass, where you should pick up a note and flip the nearby box. The hint for this location is “The Missing Miner’s Lamp.”

Here are the steps to the second treasure in the quest:

  1. Explore the enclosed area to the southwest of the Backwater Pass map.
  2. Look for a bench and find the next note on top of it. Interact
  3. Interact with the upside-down chair that is on one table.
  4. Choose the option “Lay it flat on the ground.”
  5. The second treasure will now appear.

Treasure 3

To find the third treasure location, you need to Rivet Town and pick up the note there. The clue for this location is “The Crates Are the Keys.”

Here are the steps to the third treasure in the quest:

  1. Head to Rivet Town.
  2. Walk towards the north to the table beside a bunch of barrels.
  3. Pick up the note from the table.
  4. Turn around and look for a shelving unit with a few boxes on it.
  5. Select “Pick up the crate on top” from the box.
  6. Now, relocate to the shelves to the right, beyond the metal fence.
  7. Select “Place it in the middle” to complete the puzzle.
  8. Once the puzzle is complete, the third treasure will appear.

Treasure 4

To find the fourth treasure location, you have to go to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and retrieve the note. After that, you need to return the weapon to its original position. The clue that leads to this location is “Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield.”

Here are the steps for obtaining the final treasure in the game:

  1. Go to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone.
  2. Look for a note hanging on the wall next to the Space Anchor fast travel point.
  3. Pick up the nearby gun and put it on the gun rack beside where you found it.
  4. Find two more guns and place them on their respective gun racks.
  5. One of the gun racks is immediately to the left when entering the area from the Space Anchor, and the final one is located after the first blockade, off to the right of the second.
  6. Make sure all three guns are placed correctly.
  7. Once all three guns are placed correctly, the final treasure will appear.

Note: It is important to go back to Julian after each treasure is found and complete any additional tasks that come up during the quest. When all the treasures have been located, the Adventurous Moles quest will be finished, and the reward will be given.

Final Words

The Adventurous Moles quest in Honkai Star Rail is a fun scavenger hunt that sends you on a treasure hunt across various locations. To unlock and complete this quest, you need to complete two prerequisites and visit four treasure locations. Hopefully, this article has helped you find all the treasures and complete this quest successfully. Lastly, if you still have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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