Why your Ed Tech business needs support ?

An educational application is an opportunity to study remotely and gain knowledge online. Such an application may be relevant for universities, schools and organizations of additional education. The application makes it possible to automate the learning process and reduce the burden on teachers.

The development of a learning mobile application has some peculiarities. Let’s talk about them more:

  • When developing such an application, it is worth designing a convenient personal account for both the user (student) and the administrator (teacher). In your personal account, you can place a progress calculation, information about available courses or lessons. It is necessary to develop a system for protecting the confidential data of users in order to avoid loss of information.
  • If there is a need for live video lessons during training, a system of video calls or webinars can be developed from scratch or integrated. This will allow you to expand the functionality without having to search for other training applications.
  • In addition, it is worth considering the application interface in such a way that it is convenient for the student to find the necessary information and navigate between educational modules. This will not only make the learning process more efficient, but also increase user loyalty.


EdTech Company

Creation of an EdTech company

By creating startups in the field of online education, businessmen satisfy some of the most important needs of the audience:

  • Availability – online learning is cheaper than traditional. Moreover, it is easier for online courses to attract additional funding. This will allow the company to focus on developing educational programs and improving work with students, and not on material issues.
  • Differentiation – online education is focused to the maximum extent possible on each individual student and his immediate educational needs. For example, there are short courses in highly specialized areas.
  • Marketing Opportunities – Online education can reach previously unattainable consumer groups. With globalization, it is very easy to find lecturers in specialized fields.
  • A variety of forms of learning – online learning allows you to experiment with the forms of presentation of knowledge and student activity.


What are the features of the development of EdTech projects

  • Analysis

It is necessary to thoroughly analyze and work out the requirements before starting work. We develop an application in accordance with your business goals.

  • MVP

The best solution is to develop an MVP as soon as possible so that you start testing the business model as early as possible.

  • Scalability

It is necessary to lay the possibility of scaling at an early stage of creating a system. Develop a product without cardinal processing.

  • Design

Good design is important for the quality perception of information. The interface must comply with modern trends in mobile development, as well as guidelines for Android and iOS platforms.

  • High load

Your service must be able to handle thousands of concurrent user requests.

  • Cross-platform

The application should work on all popular mobile platforms.

Stages of developing an app for learning

The development of an educational mobile application can be divided into several stages:

  • Analysis of input information. After the customer provides the necessary information on the project, a team of specialists studies it. This data may include marketing research, product requirements, additional wishes, information about the educational organization.
  • Designing technical specifications. The received requirements from the customer are recorded in the terms of reference. An accurate TOR will give the team of specialists an accurate understanding of what the project should be, and the customer will avoid budget overruns in the future.
  • Design development. The design team is engaged in the creation of a design concept, then — layouts of ready-made application screens.
  • Programming. Developers create the necessary functionality using program code using the technologies most suitable for the task.
  • Testing. The application being developed is examined by QA specialists. They test how the application performs on different types of devices and simulate situations that users may experience by testing the behavior of the application.
  • Application launch. The product is moderated in the app store, and users can start working with it. At the request of the customer, the development team can continue the maintenance of the application.


How to choose a contractor?

Distance education (EdTech) is not an invention of yesterday. The prototype of modern educational platforms is a popular trend in 2005-2007 – recordings of video lessons and lectures posted on Youtube. EdTech has now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry serving millions of people every day. The pandemic, involuntarily locking humanity within four walls, and also depriving many of them of a stable income, only pushed distance education service providers to search for new technologies, processes, formats and markets. Naturally, the competition of educational platforms has also increased.

Edtech Company

Despite the fact that EdTech products for B2B and B2C are developed according to generally accepted frameworks and programming techniques, this one has its own specifics that require solving a number of tasks to identify needs, ways to implement them and calculate profits, build a development process and support. The success of product owners, project managers, and business analysts in solving these problems will determine the development of the product and its viability.

How is the approach of the best companies to creating educational applications different from the approach of other developers? A team of experts in the field of marketing, IT technologies, mobile content, game mechanics, and design is working on your project. The development of an education app starts with a thorough analysis and collection of information. An Internet marketer studies the market for educational applications, reviews of existing applications, the needs and desires of the audience. There are no trifles here, everything is important: design, interface, functionality.

The result of the first stage of work with an education software development company is a documented report, where all data on the market and competitors are collected, a user portrait is created, and the positioning of the future application is developed.

This approach allows us to create popular educational applications for both children and adults.

Given the specifics of the tasks, the diversity and features of EdTech platforms, it becomes obvious that it is better to trust the development of a new platform to companies that already have accumulated experience in this area. Thus, you can minimize risks and launch a successful educational platform. Based on Auriga’s many years of experience, it is safest to entrust the tasks of system analytics, development, support and development of educational platforms to a reliable supplier. But even the most advanced software developer will not be able to help you if the product owner cannot decide on business goals, the choice of target audience and content types – these steps must be completed by the customer himself.

However, it is not enough to develop a good educational platform. It is equally important, and perhaps even more important, to plan the subsequent maintenance and development of the educational platform in such a way as to increase its attractiveness and the growth of business metrics. To achieve these goals, a product approach can be introduced.

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