How to Solve WiFi Connectivity Problem on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

Xiaomi is a well known Android device manufacturer as it started releasing various devices at an affordable cost. From Redmi 1’s to the recent launch of the Redmi 5 Plus, Xiaomi proved that it is user-focused as it aims to meet their unusual requirements by equipping latest technological features on their devices thereby making the tech market a competitive one.

The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus boasts of having up to date technologies, a user interface that is pleasant to the eye and a user experience which leaves all who have the opportunity to want to experience more.

How to Solve WiFi Connectivity Problem on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

Different Ways to Solve WiFi Connectivity Problem on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

WiFi connectivity problem is one of the major issues users of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus complain about and this writes up seeks to highlight fixes to this issue.

  • Whenever you are faced with the WiFi connectivity issue, make sure that you are connecting to the desired network and ensure that the typed password is valid for the authentication phase.
  • If the problem persists, reboot your device. A running app or certain processes might be hindering the authentication phase of your WiFi connectivity so rebooting the device helps stop all applications and other processes that are running in the background.
  • Another fix is to toggle between the on and off button of the Wi-Fi connectivity; this is one of the best solutions which works in fixing Wi-Fi issues on most Android smartphones. It is also useful to correct slow Wi-Fi connections and the scenario where you are unable to connect to any Wi-Fi network.
  • To toggle between the Wi-Fi options on your Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, on the home menu, pull down the notification tray and locate the Wi-Fi option on it; click the button to put off the WiFi connectivity, wait for a minute or two then click the button to put on the connectivity. Troubleshoot the connectivity by testing through your browser to confirm if the problem was resolved.

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Check the power saving mode.

Technology enables a user of Android devices and other smartphones to be able to conserve battery power through the optimization of certain processes. This process restricts the usage of Wi-Fi when the screen is turned off. These restrictions can be reviewed by going to the settings for power saving mode; set it not to disable Wi-Fi connectivity during power savings mode. Check afterward if the Wifi connectivity issue has been resolved.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Trying to connect to the wireless network and not succeeding can be disturbing. Toggling between airplane mode can be a possible fix to the situation. To do that, drag down the notification tray on the home screen, switch off the Wi-Fi connection, enable airplane mode by tapping on the icon, now turn on Wi-Fi and connect to your local network and finally switch off airplane mode.


Perform a factory reset.

A lot of Android users have found a factory reset to be helpful in solving Wi-Fi issues. With a soft/hard reset, the device will be set to factory settings removing all the installed apps and other processes which might be causing Wi-Fi issues on your device. Users can perform reset either from the settings or else through recovery mode.

Note: The manufacturer will release frequent updates for the devices which contain fixes for minor bugs and enhancements to improve the performance of the device. Always check for updates under “Settings = > About Phone = > System Updates” or in the ‘updater’ feature under the ‘tools’ option. In a scenario where updates are available, please do well to download and install them.

I hope this guide was helpful to fix WiFi Connectivity Problem on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


  1. Hello, my main issue with Wi-Fi connectivity is that the phone works well with every router I connect to except my own.

    It says that it is connected but there’s no internet. The Wi-Fi bar appears upside but there’s only (and sometimes) the arrow going up alongside with the bars showing the perfect signal from the Wi-Fi.

    PD: I tried restarting to factory state and all.

  2. How I fix this issue?
    I use redmi 5plus as I connect to 5gh WiFi connection at first it all started good and connected to WiFi but when I start going outside the room (5meters away) the WiFi signal drops and the signal was lost.
    Please help me to fix this problem..
    Thank you.

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