How to Fix: Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d When Upgrade Fails

Today I will guide you to fix the Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d. This issue happens when the installer for an application is not able to manage the installation files. It happens mostly while trying to upgrade for any app on your computer.

The figure 4000d in the Error c1900101-4000d error signifies a problem in the USB driver. In general, some other drivers on the PC may also have a problem. This can be the GPU or Anti-virus that you are using on your PC. I have put up some really simple troubleshooting methods that you can implement and fix this Windows 10 error. Let’s check out the guide now.

How to Fix: Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d When Upgrade Fails

How to Fix: Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d When Upgrade Fails

Here are the various troubleshooting methods that you can try out.

Remove RAM to Fix Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d

There may be bad memory modules or more RAM present in the PC which can cause the Windows 10 to fail c1900101-4000d error. The solution for this is to remove an extra stick of RAM (do not remove all the RAM, if there are two RAM sticks, remove just one). This will help reduce the bad memory modules hence fixing the issue.

Restore Previous Windows OS Version

For this troubleshooting, you need to use the command prompt with administrator access.

  • Start by pressing the Windows + R key
  • Type cmd and press enter
  • On the Command Prompt, right-click > Run As Administrator
  • As the command prompt opens, type the following command
    rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll.RUNDLL_PnpClean /DRIVERS /MAXCLEAN
  • Then press enter
  • After that close Command Prompt
  • Finally, restart your PC

Use the Windows Troubleshooter

  • Press Windows + I to go to Windows settings
  • Click on update & Security
  • On the left-hand panel click on Troubleshoot
    run Windows troubleshooter to fix the Error c1900101-4000d
  • Select Run Troubleshooter Automatically Then Notify Me
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and let the troubleshoot complete
  • Finally, when it finishes, restart your PC

If there are any wrong settings on your computer then this Windows troubleshooter will fix that up. It works fine for solving the problems related to installing updates. After running this troubleshooter you can easily install updates on your PC.

Disable the Anti-Virus to Fix Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d

No, I’m not saying to completely uninstall the anti-virus you have set up on your PC. Simply disable the anti-virus for some time. Then while it is disabled, try to install the updates that have been using the Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d.

Once the updates are installed smoothly, then you can restart your PC and re-enable the anti-virus.

Try to Do A Clean Boot Up

A clean boot up will help to fix all the apps and services that run in the background of the system as soon as it is switched on. Here are the steps to do a clean booting.

  • In the Type Here to Search Box, type msconfig
  • Click OK
  • Navigate to the System Configuration¬†dialog¬†box
  • Then click on Services
  • There is a checkbox Hide All Microsoft Services. Click on the checkbox
  • Then click on Disable All
  • Go to the Startup tab > click on Open Task Manager
  • For all the startup items you see you have to select them and click Disable.
  • Now, close the task manager > click OK
  • To finish the process restart your PC.

Have You Attached External Hardware to Your PC

When you are to carry out any update installation, it is better to unplug all external hardware connected to your PC. It could be a card reader, external hard disk, camera, smartphone, etc. The connected hardware may interfere with the update and cause hindrance in the installation. Hence, that may lead to the Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d.

However, keep in mind not to uninstall the hard disk in which you will install the updates on your Windows 10 PC. Once you finish installing the app updates then you can connect the external hardware that you have previously connected to the PC.

So, these are the various troubleshooting techniques you have to follow to fix the Windows 10 Error c1900101-4000d causing the app update to not install on your PC. I hope that this guide was useful to you.

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