Top DPS Charts: World of Warcraft Legion

In this article we are going to list out Top DPS Charts: World of Warcraft Legion, there are multiple changes in the tier. Some weak DPS have made it to the top and some of the strongest DPS are at the bottom due to this patch. World of Warcraft is a highly rated multiplayer online role-playing game that is developed by the American company Blizzard Entertainment. This game allows a large number of players to join simultaneously, making it a massive multiplayer online game. This is possible due to a special feature in the game where the characters are stored and reactivated as soon as the players join.

World of Warcraft Legion has now received a much-awaited patch 7.2.5 that comes with a new and surprising raid tier and some class changes. This patch has also introduced new encounter types for the players to experience, resulting in changes in the DPS(Damage per second)  ranking. This article will list out a DPS chart that is all you need while playing the World of Warcraft Legion. This DPS ranking chart is completely based on what shuffles that have been observed in this new patch. As there are multiple factors you should watch out for before we move onto the actual list DPS (Damage per seconds) list.

Top DPS Charts: World of Warcraft Legion

Things to watch out for in the New DPS ranking

The boss mechanics in the World of War DPS affects the DPS chart differently. This also affects the in-game result of the battle with bosses that are very common, and all of them are listed here.

  • Combat Duration – The duration of Combat is reduced due to the Dungeons and LFR raids. This results in DPS shooting up.
  • Players Entities –  Players entities can affect DPS ranking as there are many factors associated with the players like skill, latency, consecutive and many more.
  • Multiple Targets – DPS ranking charts are mainly based on one target and splash AoE. But there are times when multiple targets are involved, and that affects the DPS list.

The DPS charts which are going to be mentioned here are very much dependent on situations and the DPS skill you are using. As no DPS Ranking chart are accurate, and you might feel differences by yourself when you are in the game.

Top DPS Charts: World of Warcraft Legion

Here is the complete DPS chart for World of Warcraft (WOW). You should keep an eye on the Warlock as those specs are competitive, mage is the patch not as good as it was, overall you can expect a good shuffle in the DPS list

Havoc Demon Hunter – 1,049,390

Arms Warrior – 1,034,680

Destructive Warlock – 1,026,880

Assassination Rogue – 1,025,390

Enhancement Shaman – 1,006,480

Affiliation Warlock – 993,672

Subtlety Rogue – 985,028

Outlaw Rogue – 960,964

Unholy Death Knight – 957,443

Frost Mage – 950,849

Frost Death Knight – 933,225

Demonology Warlock – 920,799

Balanced Druid – 917,900

Beast Mastery Hunter – 913,010

Fury Warrior – 911,461

Feral Druid – 906,671

Marksmanship Hunter – 888,104

Wildwalker Monk – 877,194

Retribution Paladin – 873,015

Shadow priest – 862,034

Survival Hunter – 858,235

Arcane Mage – 854,309

Elemental Shaman – 841,375

Fire Mage – 831,949

Vengeance Demon Hunter – 621,789

Protection Warrior – 485,955

Blood Death Knight -473,006

Protection Paladin – 460,953

Brewmeister Monk – 456,915

Guardian Druid – 449,594

Ranking as compared to Raid Logs

This was the complete list of the DPS in the World of Warcraft Legion. But how the ranking compares to the players commonly known as Raid Logs? This ranking is the position of the specs in the present raid tier and there may be surprises when you compare it with the log. But some players have used cheats to increase their DPS by altering the skill and other important parameters that affect the DPS.

The simulators are just simulators, and they can not help you give out the exact DPS for the character as they are truly based on long-term performance by analyzing the fight results of these characters and also the boss fights. So there is no perfect DPS ranking as they are vulnerable to errors due to these factors. However, the above-given ranking chart is true to some extent as we have already mentioned.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Top DPS Charts: World of Warcraft Legion. We hope this guide was helpful and must have given you a complete idea of how the characters are listed According to their DPS ranking. Multiple factors can affect DPS but after this new patch, this was the final ranking that we have come across.

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