How to Fix XDefiant Classes Not Saving Bug

Are the classes not saving in XDefiant? Well, the same problem has been reported by dozens of players, and thankfully, there are workarounds to get rid of this bug. In this guide, we will talk about various ways of fixing the XDefiant classes not saving bugs.

How to Fix XDefiant Classes Not Saving Bug

XDefiant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and published by Ubisoft. With the closed beta out this month, more players have joined the beta bandwagon to test the latest title from Ubisoft. Although the game has been well received by users, some are not having a good time. Those affected say XDefiant classes are not saving.

Because of this bug, whenever a player tries to create a new class in the game, it never gets saved. This could be frustrating and annoying as well as opening a new lobby requires you to save the game. At the time of writing this post, Ubisoft has not acknowledged the class not saving issue in XDefiant. So, there’s no official fix or ETA as to when a fix will arrive. However, several players were able to fix this issue. So, rather than waiting for an official fix, try the workarounds shared by players on Reddit. We have jotted them below in the next section.

Here’s How to Fix XDefiant Classes Not Saving Bug

If your device is also affected by the XDefiant classes not saving bug, fret not. Simply apply these workarounds to get rid of this annoying bug in XDefiant.

Workaround #1: Delete these Folders

A Reddit Rodario user was able to get rid of the classes not saving bug in XDefiant by removing some folders inside the USF7 folder. This method has worked for several Reddit users as confirmed by them in the same Reddit thread. However, some players had no luck.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open File Explorer and go to the Document folder.
  2. Go to My Games and then get into the USF7 folder.
  3. Delete Data, Imagecache, profilepicturescache, ShadeByteCode, and Shadercache folders. Removing these will not reset your settings.
  4. Restart the game.

After restarting XDefiant, try creating a class to check if the problem has gone.

If you had no luck, try the next solution, which has spelled out success for some players.

Workaround #2: Rename the Loadout

If you are still struggling with the classes not saving bug in XDefiant, try renaming the loadout. It has done the trick for many users. You should therefore try this solution as well in order to fix the annoying bug.

Here’s what a user said on Reddit, “For me worked just renaming loadouts. Game is working very wiered”. (source link)

Rename the loadout and do let us know if this method worked in your favor. However, if the problem persists, try creating all the classes and restarting the game as detailed in the next solution.

Workaround #3: Create All the Classes and Restart the Game

For a Reddit user Golden_po, creating all the classes and restarting the game has done the trick in fixing the classes not saving bug on XDefiant. You can try it in an attempt to eliminate the bug on your device.

Workaround #4: Update the Game

If none of the above workarounds worked out for you, try updating the game. Since a lot of users have already reported the classes not saving bug on popular forums, there’s a great chance that the game developers are already working on fixing it. The fix should be included in the latest version. You should therefore update the game regularly.

Wrapping It Up

Even a minor software bug can negatively impact your gaming experience. Everyone wants a bug-free experience, but since the game is in the closed beta, it is likely to have bugs and issues. However, the developers would not want players to keep getting annoyed by bugs. Therefore, you can expect an official patch very soon (if it hasn’t been released yet). Meanwhile, you can try the aforementioned solutions as a temporary fix. We hope this guide was useful to you.

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