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In the ever-evolving world of video games, especially in competitive online gaming, character customization has become an integral part of the player experience. This is especially clear in games like Your Bizarre Adventure, popularly known as YBA, where players don’t just fight hard but can also show their style with cool character outfits. We will discuss the tier list of the YBA skin, which is ranked higher and not worth your time. Your Bizzare Adventure consists of 132 total skins, and the tier list is based on the rarity and difficulty to obtain and is based on some grading factor. In this article, you will find the complete YBA Skins Tier List and Best Skins Ranked February 2024.

YBA, or Your Bizzare Adventure, is a game with fascinating gameplay. It is loaded with several skins; every skin has a different value. Within YBA, character skins have emerged as a vibrant and sought-after aspect of the game, enhancing the visual appeal and the player’s connection to their in-game avatar. As the YBA community continues to grow and evolve, so does the roster of available skins, each boasting unique aesthetics, themes, and rarity levels. Below is a comprehensive guide to all available YBA Skins Tier List updated for 2023 depending on their abilities and rarity, as we have already mentioned.

YBA Skins Tier List – Best Skins Ranked September 2023

YBA Skins Tier List

This tier list will include some of the rarest skins of the game, like TombCrypt Tusk, Light Bringer, The World Female V3, and others. Let’s move on to the actual Tier List without wasting any time. The tier list is divided into S, A, B, C, and D.

YBA Tier S Skins

Horseman of Heaven, Mirage of Phantoms, Devil’s Moon, FrostBite, Ghostface, King Peppermint, Tyrant Crimson, Light Bringer, The Waifu Over Heaven, Tomb Crypt Tusk, Festive Free, Pumpkin Patch, King Krampus, Retro The World Over Heaven, Killer Queen: Bites the Ice, Corn Snake, Sumo World, Sumo Platinum, Tusk Dark Determination, Ghost World, Grim Reaper

YBA Tier A Skins

Ice Cold Chilli Pepper, The Waifu, Snow Golem, Sheared Snow Golem, Jester Crimson, Vexus Crimson, Mr. Jukes Angels, TWAU Over Heaven, One Above All, Cream Nog, Heaven ACT 4, Crimson Mist, Dead Experience, Comic Venom Spider-Man, Undead Flare, Luffy Gear 4, Vela Nova, Sukuna, Cursed Aero Platinum, Undead Hand, Hierophant Frost, Aerosleigh, Neon Ascension Diamond, Elucidator & Dark Repulser, Blade of The Exile, Golden Frieza, MCU Spider-Man, Movie Venom, Deimos Snake, Shadow Killer Queen

YBA Tier B Skins

Tākoizu Dragon, Charged Creeper Queen, The Waifu v2, Digital Star Platinum, Star Waifu: The World, King of The End, Deimos Crimson, Shadow The World, The World’s Greatest High, Glacier Trackstar, Sakara, Megumin, Lord Boros, Kanshou & Bakuya, Kikoku, Crazy Idol, Elizabeth Liones, Stone Platinum, The Waifu Alternate Universe, Asuna, Star Platinum: Stone Ocean, Elf Pistol, OVA Platinum, Baseball Platinum, Star Waifu, OVA The World, Hexed Spirit Requiem, Volcanic Spirit Requiem, Train To Hell, Sasageyo, Mr. Joestar, Frozone, Emperor, Deimos Queen, Creeper Queen, D4She, Biblically Accurate Experience, Ms. Aerosmith, Jade Peace, Tsunate

YBA Tier C Skins

Nocturne, Manga Crimson, All-Star Snake, Mintsnake, Neo World, Scarlet Queen, Rock Unleashed, Ghost Chariot Requiem, The World 2, Headhunter, Whisper, Action Figure Platinum, Charmy Green, Gold Platinum, Magician’s Red Over Heaven, Uber Spy, Actually Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Killer Reveal, Linked Sword, Shining Ruby, Cracked WORLD, The World: Ultimate, Devil4C, Anti Umbral, Glock-18, Glock-18 Fade, Casual, Vinegar Crimson

YBA Tier D Skins

Heaven Spiritm, Chromo Hando, Female Hando, Magellan, Eldritch Green, Sorcerer’s Red, OVA Silver Chariot, Holly’s Sickness, Virus Vessel, Tentacle Black, Tentacle Yellow, Star Striped Eagle, Aerosmith Over Heaven, Nerf Jolt, OVA Emperor, Vanilla Ice Cream, Old President, Nonosama Bo, Toy Sticky FingerP, Pinky Finger, Tentacle Purple, The Other Hand

You can use the skin to change the appearance of their stand. It is important to note that Skins in the S tier are the rarest and have unique abilities, and the skins in the D tier are weak and can be easily found.

YBA Best Skins Ranked February 2024

YBA skins are the character skins that come with different abilities. YBA is based on the anime series JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure. Here are some of the Best YBA Skins Ranked in February 2024.

Horseman of Heaven

Horseman of Heaven skin is made for the made-in-heaven stand in the YBA game. This is the first limited skin, and you can obtain this skin by completing the heaven’s plan Questlines; however, there is only a 1% chance of obtaining it.

Mirage of Phantoms

YBA Mirage of Phantoms is a rare stand-skin in the game that can be obtained by the evolving world and you can be lucky enough to obtain this skin while in the gameplay.

Devil’s Moon

Another limited skin in the YBA game which is completely rare and you can get this skin by buying it from the Robux credit. This is ranked fourth highest as per the rarity of the skin.


Frostbite skin is another rare skin and you can buy this from the Roblox game GG Heaven or from the Diagnosing. This is also considered one of the rarest skin in the game.


Ghostface is the stand skin for the game which can be obtained by evolving the regular silver chariot with a Requiem Arrow. You can also buy the skin from GGheaven.

King Peppermint

King Peppermint is also a limited rare skin in the YBA game. This is one of the best stand skin in the game and it is very much comparable to the Star Platinum: The World. You can buy the King pepper mint skin on the GGHeaven or the  Mighty ST.

Tyrant Crimson

Tyrant Crimson is the most expensive Crimson King skin in the YBA game. You can also buy it on the GGHeaven. You can also obtain it by using the King Crimson with an 80% chance of obtaining it.

Light Bringer

One of the difficult skins to obtain in the game, however, is stand skin for the World Over Heaven. This is the shiny skin and can be obtained by buying it on GGheaven.

The Waifu Over Heaven

The Weaifu Over Heaven is the rare stans skin for The World Over Heaven and you can obtain it by evolving an arrow and you can be lucky enough to get this rare skin. You must be Prestige 3 to trade this skin while plating the YBA game.

Tomb Crypt Tusk

Tomb Crypt Tusk is a legendary skin in the YBA game and you can obtain this skin by evolving the Tusk ACT 3 to ACT 4 and trolling the stand skin on Evolution. You can buy this skin from the trusted seller in the player auction too.

Festive Free

Festive Free is another rare skin for the Stone Free Stand and you can obtain the skin by trolling the Stone Free sometimes you can also get it by being lucky enough in the festival offers. This was released on the occasion of the Christmas event in 2022.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch is another rare skin in the game. You can buy the Pumpkin Patch from the GGHeaven.

King Krampus

The King Krampus is the rare stand skin in the YBA game. This skin can be obtained by evolving the King Crimsin and when you are lucky you will get the King Krampus and this is the fourth skin of the King Crimson Requiem.

Retro The World Over Heaven

The Retro The World Over Heaven skin is also a rare skin stand of the YBA game. The Skin can be obtained by evolving the world again and again and hoping that it comes with this bright skin. The World Over Heaven can rewrite reality and can play with time.

Killer Queen: Bites the Ice

The Skin Killer Queen is the S-tier skin in the YBA game and this is ranked high based on the rarity points and arrow stands. You have a 4% chance of obtaining this while evolving the arrow.

Corn Snake

The Cornsnake is another limited skin in the Whitesnake in the game in the YBA game. Whitesnake is the stand skin of Enrico Pucci who is the main antagonist in the Jojo Bizarre Adventure.

Sumo World

The Sumo World is the stand skin in the YBA game you can buy the SUMO skin from the Ones for All. The world is the Stand for DIO which is the main antagonist in the Stardust Crusader.

Sumo Platinum

Sumo Platinum is another skin in the YBA game. You can buy this skin from the Sumo Platinum in the GGHeaven. The Sumo Platinum the World in Singapore.

Tusk Dark Determination

The Dark Determination skin is the rare skin for the Tusk Act 4 stand in the YBA game. You can obtain the skin by evolving the Tusk Act 3 and Act 4 and rolling the stand skin evolution.

Ghost World

Ghost World is also a stand-skin in the YBA game. The Ghost World can be obtained by rolling The World and being lucky enough for it to come up. You have a 1.5% chance of obtaining this game.

Grim Reaper

Another skin from the King Crimson Requiem in the YBA game. This skin can be obtained by evolving the King Crimson, and if you are lucky enough, you can get this skin for your gameplay.


This brings us to the end of this guide for the YBA Skins Tier List – Best Skins Ranked February 2024. We have also briefed you about these skins without making this article look very long. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the tier list of the YBA Skin, and if you are a frequent player of the game, you know that these skins are cable off.

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