All Companions in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a much-anticipated role-playing video game set in Hogwarts castle and the surrounding Hogwarts grounds. Players can create their own Hogwarts students with access to all Hogwarts facilities. The characters can take part in magical classes and side quests and explore locations taken straight from the Harry Potter world. This guide will take you through all available companions in Hogwarts Legacy.

The new Harry Potter game also promises an immersive story mode. Fans are anticipating the game’s release that allows them to wander through the open map of Hogwarts’ grand hallways for the first time. With customizable characters, you can follow multiple branching pathways through history, with various Hogwarts Houses, different storylines and hidden secrets. Players will be able to use the castle as their playground. With their Companions, they can roam freely, explore and cast spells as they follow an original story set in the late 1800s era at Hogwarts. So, let’s learn more about these Companions who will be with you throughout your journey.

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Who are All the Companions?

Hogwarts Legacy companions provide players with companionship and support as they explore and progress through the game. These friendly companions add another layer of intrigue and make navigating through the magical spaces of Hogwarts a truly unique experience. You can choose your companions throughout the game and have up to four options for companions. These companions will depend on the house you have been sorted into. These companions will join you in your task of unlocking secrets, exploring dungeons, and uncovering mysteries from within Hogwarts’ castle walls.

If you are wondering whether the companions are familiar faces you know from the movies, this is quite unlikely. As Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1890s, the students you know, including the Golden Trio, haven’t been born yet. However, you will come across the Hogwarts ghosts and poltergeist Peeves, who you will know if you have read the books.

As for the Hogwarts Companions, four of them have been confirmed. There is one for each House at Hogwarts. Depending on the House you are sorted into, or rather, the House you choose, you will get a companion. They will accompany you as a friend on your adventures spanning the open world map. Additionally, these characters have special companion quests that you can complete for extra rewards. Perhaps the most important feature is that you will be able to get special benefits and skills depending on the companion you get. These will come in handy during combat and when you are exploring.

We have already had a look at the companions of each House through the game’s many promotional trailers and live streams. Avalanche Games has not provided an official list of Hogwarts Legacy companions yet, but here is the list of companions that we know.

Griffindor Companion

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy2

If you have chosen Griffindor, the House of the brave, you will earn the companionship of Natsai Onai. She is an African witch who transfers to Hogwarts when her mother takes up the role of the professor of Divination. Before her fourth year, she was a student at Africa’s Uagadou, the biggest wizarding school in the world. Growing up in Matabeleland where wandless magic is preferred, Natsai had to learn how to use a wand at Hogwarts. She is known for being wise, quick-witted and friendly, and invites the new fifth-year student to sit beside her.

Slytherin Companion

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy3

For those sorted into Slytherin house, you will get to meet Sebastian Sallow as a companion. He has been studying at Hogwarts since the age of eleven, but he has a dark family secret. You will get to discover more about him as you befriend him and play his companion quest line. While being in Slytherin, Sebastian is loyal to those he loves, and even steps in to save a new student. Optimistic and open-minded, Sebastian will take the blame when you get caught exploring the restricted section of the library with him. This companion is capable of casting Unforgivable curses, which makes him a worthy ally in battle.

Ravenclaw Companion

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy4

Amit Thakkar will be your companion if you belong to the Ravenclaw house. A dedicated and smart student, Amit is well-read and enjoys stargazing. He is quite the bookish character, and prefers his time alone reading his books instead of experiencing daring situations firsthand. He wants to be a magical historian in the future, and has even outlined his first memoir. As a loyal character, he will support the protagonist and help out with his quick thinking and vast knowledge.

Hufflepuff Companion

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy1

Last but not least, the Hufflepuff companion is Poppy Sweeting. Poppy has kind of a dark past as well, as her family was poachers. However, she is known for her kindness and admiration for magical creatures in the Wizarding World. If you are familiar with Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Poppy will remind you a lot of Newt’s charismatic nature with animals. Poppy is kind to her fellow witches and wizards as well, and loves making friends.

So, that was the list of all the Hogwarts Legacy companions that you will be able to get in the game. If you are still waiting for the official release, it is on 10th February 2023 for the platforms of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows. Those who have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game will be able to enjoy gameplay 72 hours early.

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