All Fire Emblem Engage Characters Ages

The social system in Fire Emblem Engage is one of the game’s main selling factors. The tactical combat and the game have received a good response since its release a few days ago. One of the game’s main mechanics, the Bond, and the Support mechanic, enables all of the team’s Units to become noticeably stronger while unlocking new skills and extra stats.

In addition, a brand-new social mechanic allows players to form romantic or platonic relationships with some of the game’s most iconic characters.

Because of this, many people in the community have questioned the ages of all the Units and NPCs in the Nintendo exclusive.

However, the characters’ ages in Fire Emblem Engage have not been officially revealed. But, there have been several leaks and pieces of content that purport to do so. One of these sources is a Reddit post by a member going by the name of NagaMilalove.

In this guide, we have mentioned the age of the different characters available in the Fire Emblem Engage game. So, without wasting time, let’s check out the guide now.

All Fire Emblem Engage Characters Ages

Ages of All The Characters In The Fire Emblem Engage

Although Redditor NagaMilalove0 has provided leaked ages for the characters, as we have already said, there is no definitive confirmation of the ages of the characters in Fire Emblem Engage. Remember that this is a leak, therefore you should treat it with caution. It is possible, but we are unable to confirm this. Fire Emblem titles have a tendency to age the characters up. The leaked ages of all the characters in the Fire Emblem Engage are as follows.

  • Vander: 45
  • Boucheron: 23
  • Yunaka: 22
  • Lapis: 18
  • Etie: 17
  • Jade: 22
  • Fogato: 17
  • Clanne/ Framme: 16
  • Alfred: 21
  • Celine: 17
  • Chloe: 18
  • Louis: 22
  • Staluke: 17
  • Citrinne: 17
  • Diamant: 25
  • Umber: 24
  • Ivy: 20
  • Kagetsu: 26
  • Zelkov: 28
  • Pandoro: 20
  • Bonet: 23
  • Misutira: 18
  • Panetone: 18
  • Merrin: 19
  • Hortensia: 14
  • Seadall: 23
  • Rosado: 17
  • Goldmary: 19
  • Linden: 60
  • Saphir: 35

Players in Fire Emblem Engage have a lot of options when it comes to mastering the social system.

One of the best methods to help your most-used units survive the tougher battles and prevent them from dying as a result of the Permadeath mechanic is to max out their support ranks.

In the JRPG’s classic mode, if a unit perishes in an encounter, it remains dead for the duration of the game. Even if the rollback feature allows you to save a Unit by returning to one of the earlier rounds, it’s still not a dependable technique to keep them safe.

A much more reliable strategy to maximize their class and abilities is to equip them with the correct gear, ascertain their support rating, and improve their primary numbers.


This was all for this guide. We hope that with this guide, you were able to about the ages of all the characters that are available in the Fire Emblem Engage game. If you have any questions or doubts, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will try to solve them. Also, for more such helpful guides, do check out our website.

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