All XDefiant Classes Explained

XDefiant is a new addition to the list of fast-paced action and shooting games. The tactical gameplay and amazing mechanics have already become the reason behind the sudden buzz of the game all around. Developed by Ubisoft, this first-person shooter game has a perfect blend of action and adventure that instantly catches the eye of gaming enthusiasts. Fortunately, one of the most interesting aspects of XDefiant is its diverse range of playable classes.

Just like any other game, each class has its own strength as well as weaknesses. As a result, although it is slated to release later this year with no official date, XDefiant has managed to gain the attention of a huge crowd already. There are a total of five classes in XDefiant which includes Healer, Spy, Control, Hacker, and Damage. Each class specializes in a particular role and possesses different abilities accordingly. And since XDefiant looks to heat things up with its extremely intense 6v6 matches, you should have a detailed idea of each class in this game to make the absolute benefits.

Players willing to try their luck in XDefiant will need to come up with a mixture of these classes to build a formidable team. And to make this journey a little easy, we are here with a dedicated article on all the XDefiant classes. So, without wasting another moment, let us get started.

All XDefiant Classes Explained

All XDefiant Classes Explained

Each class in XDefiant serves a different purpose and contributes to the team in its own unique ways. No doubt, if we compare each of these classes, we can clearly see that some classes look stronger than others. However, this is not how it works in this game. Instead of emphasizing the potential of a single class, you need to carry them all properly to get the best results.

However, in order to come up with a proper team, you need to first understand the classes better. Here is a complete explanation of all the XDefiant classes that will help you study and pick up the best team in the game.

1. Healer

As the name suggests, Healer plays a critical role in XDefiant and is responsible for keeping its teammates alive and restoring their health throughout the fights. Healers are equipped with libertad abilities and tools that allow them to provide support to their teammates to survive in battle. As usual, one of their most intriguing ability is the healing ability. This allows them to restore the health of their teammates and increase their survival opportunities even at the worst situation.

Besides, healers also possess other supportive abilities such as damage mitigation. This ability allows them to reduce the damage taken by their teammates during any heated battle. Moreover, they also have access to a wide range of tools and their crowd control ability makes them a perfect supportive character. In fact, healers play the most important role during a fight. Despite all their tremendous abilities, healers do not have good close combat skills, plus, if caught alone, they are quite easy to break.

2. Spy

The Spy class in XDefiant plays a very unique role from the background to ensure its team’s victory. It is a versatile class that specializes in executing multiple roles such as sneaking to collect intel and sabotaging the enemy’s efforts. Spys have a unique ability also known as ‘Cloak and Dagger’ that allows them to turn into an invisible character. Thus, it makes it nearly impossible for enemies to detect these characters for this short period of time. This ability comes in handy while sneaking into enemy territory or secretly ambushing unsuspecting opponents.

Apart from that, Spys are armed with a silenced pistol and throwing knives. Hence, this makes them a reliable option to take on enemies from a distance. The most interesting tool of the Spy is the Sneaky Sensors. These are remote devices that can be deployed in different locations to discover nearby enemies. And that’s not all yet, their ultimate ability ‘Disguise’ allows them to take up the appearance of an enemy making it easier for them to infiltrate the enemy’s territory without being detected.

3. Control

If you own a playstyle that focuses more on supporting your teammates rather than going on head-to-head with the enemies, the Control class is the best suit for you. This class is recognized as a true support class because of all the abilities and traits it inherits. Control class equips various types of specialized gadgets such as tripwires, deployable shields, and proximity mines. These gadgets help them to manipulate the battlefield by blocking the enemy paths, set traps, and using the land to their advantage.

In addition to the gadgets, they also possess unique abilities like ‘Control Points’. With this ability, the Control class can set a point on the battlefield which can later be captured by their teams. Once they manage to capture the point, they receive different types of benefits like faster mobility, an increase in health regeneration and damage, and so on.

If that’s not enough, Control class has a secondary role as well where it can be used as a healer. They equip a special gadget called the Healing Drone that can quickly regenerate the health of its allies. Therefore, in simple words, the Control class is a versatile class that is a crucial addition to watch the back of the entire team.

4. Hacker

Next, we have the hacker class which comes with a bundle of abilities that sets it apart from all the other classes in the game. First of all, its primary ability consists of deploying hack stations. This helps the team members to respawn faster further giving them an upper hand on the battlefield. The hacker class can also deploy jammers that block the enemy’s communications. This leads to inefficient coordination of team members during the fight. The jammer deploying ability can make a huge difference in the objective-based game modes where communication is key.

In addition to these unique abilities, the hacker class also possesses an interesting passive ability known as ‘Tech Upgrade’. This ability eventually turns out to be a major support throughout the game. It basically helps in enhancing the performance of the various gadgets of the hacker class.

Overall, the hacker class is a true masterpiece containing a good amount of abilities to bring a turnaround in the game. If used properly, the hacker class can disrupt the enemy’s tactics and bring an easy victory.

5. Damage

Last but not least, here we have the Damage class in XDefiant. There are basically four damage classes in the game, i.e., the tank, the Assault, the Marksman, and the Support. Each of these classes possesses different abilities and playstyles and certainly plays an important role in your team. Here’s everything you need to know about all four damage classes in XDefiant.

Tank Class: The tank class is a heavy class designed to absorb and mitigate damage to enemies. It can sustain a great amount of damage and backfire to soak up some life out of the enemy while protecting their team. Tanks comprise powerful shields, high health pools, and extreme defensive abilities. All these make this class an idle one to be on the frontline.

Assault Class: Unlike the tank, the Assault class is dedicatedly designed for close combats. Assault classes have special traits like high mobility and a variety of weapons to deal good damage to enemies. They can move in real quick and get personal with enemies taking them out in style. In other words, they are just another deadly class that can deal great damage by heating up the battlegrounds.

Marksman Class: Marksman is just the opposite of the Assault class which makes them ideal for long-range combats. They use deadly weapons such as Sniper rifles and other precision weapons. This allows them to target the enemies and take them down one by one. They mostly have better accuracy at targeting enemies, however, they are quite vulnerable to close-range attacks.

Support Class: As the name suggests, the support class focuses on healing and supporting the entire team rather than dealing more damage to the enemies. They possess typical abilities like health restoration, providing shields, buffing up their teammate’s damage output, and so on.


Coming to the conclusion, XDefiant features an innovative game where you will get to encounter a lot of thriller, adventure, and action. However, coming up with the perfect strategy and building up a proper team is what makes you win the game. Fortunately, the variety of classes spices things up and takes them to the next level.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these classes, you will get ready to build up a formidable team and walk in the battles without hesitation. So, let us know about your playstyle and your go-to classes. Whether you are the guy who wants to act from the frontline or get back and perform as the backbone for the entire team.

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