Fix: Apple Music Skipping Songs in Playlists and Albums

Suppose you are listening to your favorite track, you are in a great mood enjoying every part of the lyrics, and suddenly your Apple music app starts skipping songs. Sounds scary, right? If you are facing this issue in Apple music, don’t worry! You are not the only one who is facing this.

There may be many different reasons for your track skipping from the playlist on your Apple device. But we are here to fix your problem with the music streaming on Apple Music. It may happen due to the connectivity issue, sometimes your songs get skipped due to any software and hardware issue.

Fix Apple Music Skipping Songs in Playlists and Albums

Fix: Apple Music Skipping Songs in Playlists and Albums

There are two ways in which your song get skip from the playlist or your music album.

  1. Whole Song gets skipped: When you are listening to a song and suddenly your song gets skipped and the next song starts playing.
  2. Partially Skipped Songs: This happens in a way that, your current playing song from the playlist skips by parts just like a scratch CD.

Now you know the problem, and this article was not about finding the cause. This article is about finding the solution, and we are about to fix your problem. You just must follow a few simple steps.

Method 1: Check for latest Software and Firmware

sometimes being on old firmware creates problems in interfacing with the music application, check if your apple music is of the latest version as well.

Go to settings and tap on About.

Tap on software updates and see if you update your device with the latest software or not.

Method 2: Check for the internet connection

Weak internet connectivity might create problems with the streaming of music. Also, having lower bandwidth will make music coming from a scratch CD or your song might get skipped. So, connect with a strong internet connection.

Here is how you can improve your network speed:

  • Turn on the Flight mode and turn it off
  • Take out your Sim- Card and reinsert it
  • Change the SIM career if you are facing the same issue again and again.

Method 3: Clear Cache Data


Clear the cached data in your apple device. Cached data is the residue data of the files with some extra information. You need to remove this information from the app, and you might come out as a happy face. You can restart your phone as well if clearing the cache did not work for you.

Here’s how you can easily clear cache data for Apple Music:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap open the general option.

Swipe down to find reset option and click on it.

Click on the erase all content and settings.

Confirm erase an restart your iPhone.

Method 4: Corrupt music File

If you are facing the same issue, try checking by playing other songs in the same album or playlist, if that doesn’t skip, then your music file might be corrupt. Try a different version of that file and enjoy uninterrupted music stream.

Method 5: Check for Speakers

There may be an issue with your Bluetooth connectivity if you are listening to it from a Bluetooth device. This connectivity issue with the Bluetooth device. Try to disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth device again, and if the problem persists change the Bluetooth device as it might be the damaged one. In case you use a headset or wired earphones, please check if they are not damaged as well.

Method 6: Apple music Application Issue

There is always a possibility of an application issue. But first, you need to find the smaller issue and fix it if there are any. If your song is kipping every time, you start playing it, it might be the problem of Apple Music. Fortunately, you can easily remove Apple music app from your iPhone, just like as you remove other apps. So please remove the apple music and reinstall it and see if the issue persists.


From this article, we conclude that the skipping of songs from the apple music app can be because of many different reasons. But fortunately, all problems can be solved by applying some fixes we mentioned above. Try applying those fixes and see if that works out for you or not, if nothing works for you try contacting Apple care, they will help you for sure.

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