Apple Podcasts vs Castbox: Best Podcast App for iOS and iPadOS?

If you are an iOS user, you must be very familiar with the Apple Podcast app. Well, it’s a pre-installed app that comes with your iOS machine. And with the iOS 12 update, you can now see a lot of improvement in it, which makes it far better than the others. However, at certain times we might come up with the question that if there’s any better alternative to Apple Podcasts? Very well, so today we will be talking about another Podcast app – Castbox and will see a detailed comparison between them. Hence, it seems like this article is going to be about the Apple Podcast vs Castbox battle.

But before we move any further, people who are new to Podcast might want to know it better. So, we can simply consider Podcasts as something between Audiobooks and Youtube videos. In other words, it is an episodic series of spoken words which you can download and listen to during an unwind after a tiresome day. It is a great way to release some stress and learn something new at the same time.

Apple Podcasts vs Castbox Best Podcast App for iOS and iPadOS

Apple Podcasts vs Castbox: Best Podcast App for iOS and iPadOS?

The native Podcasts app that comes with iOS lets you discover free audio series on your Apple device is free to use. However, we have a new competitor in line 0f Castbox, which is more advanced and has good features. Let’s compare them and find out which is the best between the two options.

Apple Podcasts App for iOS

The native Podcasts app that comes with iOS lets you discover free audio series on your Apple device. It comes with a simple and slick design that features around 7.5 Lakh stories containing over 20 million episodes. You can explore through several categories, whether you prefer entertainment, motivation, sports, or information. Podcasts app has everything of your interest and does maintain quality along with quantity.

Interestingly, being an iOS user when you get so much for free, that really means a lot. Moreover, the categories are regularly updated with the latest collections of series and episodes. You can subscribe to any show for completely free, and that will help you get notified every time a new episode appears. Apart from that, the app is compatible with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The only thing is it requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 5.1 and later versions.

Plus, it supports multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, etc. Apple Podcasts also supports family sharing with up to 6 family members at a time. However, users come up with bugs very often, but that must not create any greater issue, though. Besides, the app serves amazingly interesting content that helps you keep up with everyday life.


Castbox for iOS

Apple Podcasts vs Castbox Best Podcast App for iOS and iPadOS

Although you can find several competitors of the Podcasts app, Castbox is again one of the best among them. Well, what’s interesting about Castbox? It lets you discover, download, and listen to your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, and FM. The best thing about Castbox is its huge collection of contents. Its library contains nearly 95million high-quality audio contents that are more than four times of Podcasts. It lets you explore from a wide variety of contents from around 27 different countries.

You can listen to the TV series podcasts, music-related news, technology, and many more. So with the massive collection of Castbox, you will never run out of option again. Plus, with its super intuitive interface, Castbox becomes extremely easy-to-use. It provides you with personalized podcast recommendations depending on your watch behavior. Moreover, with the daily podcast list, you can easily find all newly released contents too. Besides, there are a lot more features in this app that will surely turn your Apple device into a complete functional podcast player. Starting from Sleep timer, volume boost, trim silence, CarPlay support, and even Livecast, you will find everything organized in one place.


Apple Podcasts vs Castbox comparison

Now, as a beginner to the podcast, you will be satisfied with any app that offers all basic functionalities. But when you are more regular, you might feel an increase in your appetite. Hence, you will start looking for alternatives that offer more advanced features. So, here we will compare the two most popular Podcast application for iOS and see which one is better.

User Interface

Based on the UI, both Apple Podcasts and Castbox have done a great job. Both of them come with a lightweight theme that offers easy navigation. Of course, the sticky bottom navigation bar makes things much easier in both these apps. However, Castbox allows users to make customizations in the app’s theme without even touching the device system theme. This fact about Castbox makes it unique than the native Apple Podcasts.

Searching Contents

When it comes to content search, Castbox again takes the crown for itself. Although Podcasts offer a very well-organized search feature for users, it still lacks some important ones. Unlike Podcasts, Castbox lets you explore new popular audio stories that were mostly searched by other listeners. Also, Castbox keeps records of your previous searches so that you can simply tap on them the next time instead of typing the keywords again.

Exploring new audio contents

No doubt, the Apple Podcasts offer a huge number of content to explore. But if you want to discover new recommendations, it will only show you the ones depending on your region. In order to get a recommendation from another region, you need to change your AppleID or iTunes country accordingly.

On the other hand, Castbox lets you discover new content seamlessly. Even though, Castbox also offers recommendations based on your country. But it lets you change your region directly in the app settings itself. Thus, you don’t have to keep changing your AppleID region every time.

Podcast Playback

Since both Podcasts, as well as Castbox, feature similar basic controls, we can hardly compare them. But, Castbox playback does come with a few advanced features that you won’t see in Podcasts. So, Castbox beats Apple Podcasts yet again.

Conclusively, we can say that Castbox offers many advanced features that are missing in the native Apple Podcasts app. Hence, after a fair comparison, it is clear that Castbox is far better than Apple Podcasts in every way. However, if you are looking for something other than both of these, let’s check out some of the best podcast apps for iOS.

Best Podcast Apps for iOS & iPadOS

Although the Apple Podcasts rank better than most other apps in the app store, it doesn’t mean you can’t look for an alternative. This brings us to have a look at some other popular names in the list. Well, beside Podcasts and Castbox, there are many other Podcast apps for iOS, such as Overcast, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Castro. All of these apps come with support for most iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, of course.

You can also see these names at the top in the app store whenever you go looking for the best podcast apps. Additionally, they deliver you with the best-expected service on your Apple device.


And this brings us to the end of this article, where we have seen the complete comparison of Apple Podcasts vs Castbox battle. Since both the apps have an amazing collection of the high-rated podcast, both are good in their own ways. However, if you are a newbie, we recommend you to start with the native Podcasts app. And in case you are looking for advanced features, surely Castbox is the one for you. Do let us know which one you prefer the most among them or if you have some other choice.

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