How to Fix If Apple Pay not Working on your iPhone

Apple Pay is making it easier for users to pay people for various day-to-day transactions. The application boasts of efficiently supporting contactless and cashless payouts. You can even pay through messages. On certain credit cards, you even get cashback for paying using Apple Pay. One cannot only use the iPhone but also pay via their Apple watch. However, some folks often complain that Apple Pay is not working as it should. There can be various reasons for that. Every technological thing, however modern, always ends up with some snag. This guide will look at the possible reasons and solutions to fix Apple Pay not working on an iPhone.

The solutions that I have put up are pretty simple. There are high chance that these troubleshooting techniques will fix up the issue pretty well. Online payment can bring headaches when you are least expecting. I know it’s irritating when you are all set to checkout with a few taps, but things go wrong. Keep reading the guide to know what may cause Apple Pay not to work and how you solve its issues.

how to fix Apple Pay not Working on iPhone

How to Fix If Apple Pay not Working on your iPhone

Let’s first check out the possible reasons that may cause a fault in the working of Apple Pay.

Why Apple Pay Won’t Work.?

Here I have a few pointers that can cause the issue.

  • An issue at the server end
  • Fault in the POS machine
  • Unsupported card type
  • Some bug in the iOS build
  • There can be a problem with your internet connection or Wi-Fi
  • Having an insufficient balance on the debit/credit card connected to the Apple pay


What I have listed above are the primary reasons that always lead to problems in payment services. Now, that we know of the issues, let’s check for the solutions.

Try to Reboot your iPhone

This trick works several times for various kinds of problems.

  • Press the power button of the iPhone
  • Slide right to power it off
    restart device to fix Apple Pay not Working
  • Long press the power button to start the iPhone again

Now, try to use Apple Pay. See if it solves the problem or not. Otherwise, try out the other troubleshooting methods I have provided below. Normally, by rebooting many software and code fragments reset properly. If it’s a minor issue, then restarting the device always works like a charm.

Use A Different POS during checkout

Normally, restaurants, petrol pumps, and shops have multiple POS machines. So, if with one machine, Apple Pay is not working, then try it on another POS. In most cases, the first POS may have some fault in it. So, try to pay with the second one.

Problem with your Internet

Are you using cellular data while making the payout..? Then maybe there is some momentary connection trouble which is happening due to the service provider. So, either use a WiFi network, if it’s available, or maybe use some other secondary phone you have.

Check if Apple Servers Have Some Issue

Some of you who are new to Apple may wonder how are you going to know if Apple server has any issues.? Then let me tell you about this website called Apple System Status.

Check Apple System Status

It gives you the latest information about the network status of all Apple services. Thus, it will let you know whether the servers are down or not. This site gets updated continuously every single minute. So, if any issue is happening at the official end, then you will see it mentioned here. As of this writing, there is no issue whatsoever with any of the Apple services and everything is working just fine.

Does the Card Support Apple Pay

Apple Pay supports Mastercard, VISA, and AMEX. If you have a card that is not any of these three, the card will be invalid when you try to save its details for payment. So, maybe contact your bank and convert your debit/credit card into VISA or Mastercard.

Low Balance on Credit/Debit Card

Your particular account must have enough money for a payout using Apple Pay. If you do not have money on your account, then Apple Pay will not work. Check for the same with your banking app and deposit money in the account. Then the corresponding connected card will work and so will Apple Pay.

Is your iOS of the Latest version.?

Most of the time, the problem may lie with the system software. So, look for any available updates for the iPhone. Normally, if Apple detects some bugs on any of their services, they try to fix it as quickly as possible via hotfixes. So, installing any available updates on your System Settings is wise.

  • Go to Settings App > tap General
  • The second option is Software Update. Tap on it
    Update iOS to fix Apple Pay not Working
  • See if any new update is available for download/install. If yes, then do it immediately.
  • Reboot your iPhone

Now, try to use Apple Pay. If there was an issue with the system build bug, then it should be gone and now the application should work smoothly.

Re-Enter your card Details if Apple Pay is Not Working

Usually, an issue with a card may happen if you make some changes to its information, and the same is somehow not registered on Apple Pay’s database.  So, you have to re-enter the card details once again manually.

First, remove the existing card details from the Wallet App. Then re-enter the credentials and save it. Now, try to use that while making a purchase. This time, Apple Pay should work flawlessly.

So, that’s all about the troubleshooting you need to perform if Apple Pay is not working on your iPhone. I hope the guide solves your issue. Let me know in the comments section which method worked wonders for you.

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