How to fix the problem of Audio or Sound in Call of Duty Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone is a video game similar to the most famous game PubG. Its Warzone was discovered by Raven Software and Infinity Ward. It allows the battle of 150 players online with multiplayer battle options. This game featured two types of modes, Battle Royle and Plunder. The latest Warzone introduces a new feature in the game, that was the game currency called “Cash” which is for buying the stations in the game.

It also has a squad capacity of 4 people in a squad, and solo mode is also available just like the Pub G. However, Call of Duty is a good game, but it has various problems that occur while in playing. Audio is the most prominent problem that occurs frequently after the start of the game.

Below are the instruction to follow to fix the problem of Audio that occurs 5 minutes after the game begins.

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Method 1 to resolve the issue of stopping working audio in between the play

The first method is the most common method you have to open the Windows setting to resolve it.

Use the Playing Audio troubleshooter and try to fix the problem. You can check the common things in the volume settings, headphones, or speakers, and check all the settings. You can open the link of Playing Audio Troubleshooter from just clicking below on the link.

If in case this method is not working then go for the second method that is given below along with the instructions and link.

Method 2 to resolve the issue of stop working audio in between of the play

Method 2 consists of two steps to resolve the problem of sound and the second method are the only method of solution.


  • Click on the button Start, then you see the Start Search box on that box who have to search Sound.
  • Click on the Sound that you have recently search in the Start Search box and that result was visible at the top of the menu.
  • Now click on the playback tab and check the mark on the default device. Because for most of the time, the default device is only an internal speaker. Now time to sure that the audio settings that you have done are configured as required.

And for more information about the fixing of the common problem of sound click on the link given below.


  • Click on the Start button; then you will see the Start Search box. On that box, who has to search Sound?
  • Click on the Sound that you have recently searched in the Start Search box, and that result was visible at the top of the menu.
  • Then click on the Playback tab for further information.
  • Now select the Playback device to consider further.
  • Click on the Properties.
  • And click on the “Advanced” tab and see that the default format is configured as required.
  • Now time to close this window and return back to the previous window.

Now revert back to the configuration settings and check it once more for final updation.

  • Click on the Playback tab, the option occurs of the playback device.
  • Then click on the Playback device to select it.
  • And click on Configure and check the final time that all the properties of configurations is correct as required.

Now everything is set correctly, and also the internal speaker is already set on the default device. Now select the option in the sound device to default sound device and then click SET DEFAULT and Ok.

Click ‘Ok’ to save all your settings and now its time to close the Sound dialog box and proceed for play. Now I hope all your settings are fine and you are ready to play the game.

Call of duty Warzone, the Battle Royale game. The above given are the two most prominent methods of fix the problem of Windows in audio settings. The first method is most common and it is having a feature of default settings.

If the first method is not applicable then go for the second method, and that method is working. Because it changes the whole default settings as well as many advanced properties of sound settings. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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