Jailbreak Tweak BarMoji app: How to Get Dedicated Emoji Bar in iOS Keyboard

iPhone is not one of those operating systems that allow that offers much customization to the users. It basically binds you to use the apps made available to you via the App Store in order to get along with your needs. But, thanks to jailbreaking, which is similar to rooting an Android phone, which allows the user’s admin privileges to do whatever they want with their iOS device. There are popular tools that let you jailbreak on your iPhone like Unc0ver Jailbreak. In fact, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone 11 series and iPhone X then, you can follow our guide here. Or you can head over to our dedicated jailbreak section.

This Unc0ver jailbreaking tool supports iOS 11.0 through to iOS 13.0-13.4 equipped devices which makes it the first jailbreaking tool to support A13 devices. Moreover, this new update brings in bug fixes and improvements for this tool. Moreover, there is an app called BarMoji that gives the users a dedicated Emoji bar on the iOS keyboard. We all know that emojis are something pretty handy when you want to express yourself more emotionally which words can’t describe. It has been developed by CPDigitalDarkroom and it adds a quick access emoji button to your phone’s native keyboard.

barmoji iOS app

BarMoji – Overview

The App literally gives you a dedicated emoji button through which you can add emojis to your emails, text messages, etc. and make them more decorated. It also gives you an option to create a custom list of your favorite emojis that you use more often. Moreover, under the Settings option of the BarMoji app, you can:

  • Choose between using Recent or your favorite Emojis.
  • Toggle On or Off the Emoji bar at the bottom of your iOS keyboard.
  • Change the width of the Emoji bar.
  • Enable or disable the native Predictive bar
  • Configure haptic feedback:
  • Configure a preferred scroll direction, i.e. Horizontal and Vertical

Besides, there are some paid options also which means that you need to pay some money to the developers of the BarMoji app to get some of the greyed out options to work. And the only way to pay for the app is to become a CPDigitalDarkroom supporter. And if you are interested in downloading this BarMoji app and installing it on your iPhone via jailbreaking then, you can download the app from the below section:

Download Link

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