Best 5 Resident Evil Village Mods

Resident Evil Village is definitely a grim place. So why not make it more blood-chilling with a bit of modding. Check out the best that the Resident Evil Modding Community has to offer.

From the spooky halls of Castle Dimitrescu to the haunting rooms of Benevento house, Resident Evil Village is a place of nightmares. But that doesn’t prevent the resident evil enthusiasts from tweaking its appearance and giving their own touch of horror.

Capcom’s Resident Evil title already boasts enormous support of a very loyal mod community. So it didn’t take long for the latest Capcom’s release, the Resident Evil Village, to receive its share of mods too. Therefore, even though the latest release is just a few weeks old, some outstanding mods are already available to try out. So let’s check out the best 5 mods in Resident Evil Village.

Mod Manager and FOV Trainer

While adding mods does make things more interesting in Resident Evil Village, downloading and installing them is a bit tricky. If you are new to modding, it will be particularly daunting as you won’t know where to unpack and save the files. That’s where a mod manager comes in handy.

A mod manager is a gateway to take advantage of all the things that the Resident Evil modding community has to offer. It simplifies the whole process and lets you add mods with ease. So, before you delve into modding and start playing around with them, be sure you understand the working of mod manager first.

How to Install and Extract Fluffy mod Manager?

  • First, get the fluffy mod manager from the nexusmods official website.
  • Once you have the fluffy mod manager installation package, extract all the files anywhere you want.
  • If you are transitioning from an older version to a newer version, it’s better to extract the files over the older version.
  • Once extracted, run the mod manager and choose the resident evil 8 as the game.

Now you are ready to make the already grim world of resident evil a bit more distorted through some haunting, hilarious, and at times seedy mods.

How to Download Mods In Resident Evil 8 Village?

You have your fluffy mods manager ready, now let’s download some best mods in Resident Evil Village;

  • Head to the nexusmods official website and browse to the dedicated mods section.
  • Here you will find all the available mods for download.
  • Select the mod that strikes your fancy and scroll down to locate the Files tab. Give it a click once you find it.
  • And for the last step, click on the Manual Download button to kickstart the download of the chosen mod.

Once the download is finished, you will have a zip file for the mod you want to install.

How To Install Mods In Resident Evil 8 Village?

Installing a mod is a pretty straightforward process. You don’t have to go through a complex process. Just a few simple steps will suffice.

  • First, launch the fluffy mod manager.
  • Now drag the zip file of the mod you have just downloaded to the mod manager window.
  • This action will add the mod in the mods manager.
  • Once the mod is added to the mod manager, move the toggle button next to it to enable the mod.

Best 5 Mod In Resident Evil Village

Count Theodora Mod

Best 5 Resident Evil Village Mods

The list of the best 5 Resident Evil Village mods cannot be completed without including a mod that plays with the hunting figure of Lady Dimitrescu. This time, it’s Thomas the tank engine, taking the place of the fearsome Lady Dimitrescu further to intensify the horrors and nightmares of poor Ethan Winters.

Although the mod Count Theodora only distorts the face of the already iconic villain, the disturbing and hilarious effects of this addition guarantee to make the whole atmosphere more terrifying.

The arrival of a mod dedicated to Thomas Train was almost apparent, given the success in the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. It’s kind of a tradition now that anything scary which tries to kill the protagonist in Resident Evil will be moded to take the appearance of Thomas. The insanely terrifying smile of Thomas combined with the frightening demeanor of Lady Demetrescu is enough to give you goosebumps or cause nightmares.

Barney Enemy Skin Mod

Best 5 Resident Evil Village Mods

Well, next in our list of best 5 Resident Evil Village mods, this mod is all about making the already bloodthirsty world of Resident Evil more gruesome. This time, it’s Berny, America’s favorite purple dinosaur.

The barney enemy skin mod turns the common enemies in Resident Evil into a bloodthirsty, corpse ripping doppelganger of Barney, the favorite childhood character.

While some may find it hilarious, watching rage-filled barney ripping open corpses somehow takes the already scarier environment of Resident Evil Village to the next level.

Cassandra Playable

Best 5 Resident Evil Village Mods

Not just Lady Dimitrescu but her daughters also share the scariness and ferocity of her mother. So why not give Ethan a rest and take on the grim world of Resident Evil Village with one of Lady Dimetrescu’s daughters – Cassandra.

Cassandra Playable mod allows you to do just that. It removes Ethan and enables you to impersonate one of Lady Dimitrescu’s brutal daughters, the sadistic Cassandra. You may be familiar with her from the Maiden demo of the title for PS5 and in the demonstration version dedicated to the Castle.

Now it may be a little weird to battle against your own family, but that’s what modding is all about. To push weird to the extreme level and Cassandra Playable is its prime example.

Fly Swatter

Best 5 Resident Evil Village Mods

Here is another one of the crazy mods that is fun to add. Do the swarms of insects that the cruel Cassandra threw at you bother you. Do those critters bring about uneasy itching throughout your body as you explore the dungeons of the Castle?

Don’t worry: now you can replace your knife with a fly swatter and solve all your problems. You have just to install the Fly Swatter mod. While the mod only changes the appearance of the knife and the functions remain the same, it certainly adds a touch of irony and madness to the action.

Banana Gun and Spoon Knife

Best 5 Resident Evil Village Mods

Talking about irony, our next mod and a hugely popular one, too, just give a whole new meaning to irony and madness.

One of the best 5 Resident Evil Village mods you can find. What’s even more thrilling than turning a knife into a fly swatter? What about the possibility of being able to fight with bananas and spoons.

Well, that’s possible now, at least in Resident Evil Village. Yes, you can do so, thanks to the Banana Gun and Spoon Knife mod. You can now force Ethan to wield these unconventional weapons and defend himself from the monstrosities that populate the castle and the village. Well, it will be exciting to watch him take down beasts with bananas.

That’s all we have for you with best 5 Resident Evil Village mods to play. We hope this guide helped you. For more interesting guides, tips, and tricks, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Don’t miss out on our Windows GuidesGaming GuidesSocial Media GuidesAndroid Guides, and iPhone to learn more.

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