Best Chrome Extensions to Use to Manage Tabs

If you have been on the lookout for some easy yet effective ways to spruce up your productivity in Chrome, then you are absolutely in the right place! Read on to discover some of the best Chrome extensions to use to manage tabs and get work done easier and faster!

Google Chrome is currently the most used browser worldwide, and by a good measure. It is fast, reliable, and minimalistic in style. The first app that people usually install on their new computer or devices is Google Chrome, to replace Microsoft Edge which remains to be one of the more disliked browsers of all time. But another great aspect that makes Google Chrome stand out as one of the best options out there is the fact that is has a hefty amount of extension support going on for it.

Best Chrome Extensions to Use to Manage Tabs

Just visit the Chrome Web Store, and you will be baffled by just how many extensions you can add to your browser. Most of these extensions are also geared towards productivity since there are a lot of ways one can improve their work just with the assist of simple extensions. One of the best ways to boost your productivity is by managing all of your opened tabs well. By default, the user doesn’t get many options when it comes to managing and customizing the labs on Google Chrome. However, this is where the fantastic world of extensions comes into action. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best options out there, and have compiled some of the best Chrome extensions to use to manage tabs in 2020!

Best Chrome Extensions to Use to Manage Tabs

#1 – Toby

The first extension you should probably invest your time into is Toby. Not only does Toby give you a better visual on all of your opened tabs, but it extends its usefulness to even the ones you have closed. With Toby in hand, you can create what are called “collections”, which are basically a set of 2 or more tabs that you open the most frequently. This is extremely useful in many use case scenarios. For example, as a content writer here at GetDroidTips, I have multiple tabs opened for research, writing, and choosing good vector art for the thumbnails. All I need to do is create a set of all these tabs I use whenever I write, and the next time I launch Chrome, I’m only one click away from writing away! You can install the Toby extension on your Google Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store link given below :

Download Toby

#2 – Workona

Workona is yet another great way to manage all of your opened tabs and workspaces in Google Chrome. The key selling point of this extension is the ability that it gives you to create and organize several workspaces. Just like Toby, you can add a pre-defined list of websites as tabs in your collections, and the next time you need them all open, you just select the workspace you’ve assigned all of them to. What we loved the most about Workona is its minimal design and user interface, which allows for even better creativity when it comes to organizing your workspaces. You can also create direct shortcuts to apps and services such as Trello, Google Drive and Docs right inside Workona. There are also smart integrations with all these apps which allow you to get things done even faster. You can install the Workona extension on your Google Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store link given below :

Download Workona

#3 – Cluster

Next up on our list on some of the best Chrome extensions to use to manage tabs is Cluster. Just like its name suggests, you use this extension if you have a cluster of websites opened in the same window. With a simple click on the extension at the top, you will be brought to a list view of all of your opened tabs. The best part about this is you also get to save any website you want, so you can simply launch it from the “saved” section if needed. You can view tabs based on the sequential order they are in, or simply sort them through the domain names, so the tabs belonging to the same websites will stick together. Overall, if you always have found yourself scrambling meaninglessly between a bunch of tabs hoping to find the one you need, Cluster is an extension you should give a try. You can install the Cluster extension on your Google Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store link given below :


#4 – The Great Suspender

It is a known fact that Google Chrome has been infamous for eating up memory like it’s a piece of cake on Windows. So if you have always found your computer or laptop chugging up on memory due to too many open tabs in Google Chrome, then this extension will turn out to be your saviour. The Great Suspender like its name suggests, is an extension that will automatically suspend tabs that have been open for too long. You can choose the duration a tab goes on before it is suspended, anywhere from 20 seconds all the way up to 3 days. You can obviously choose tabs that you want to be suspended, or add a few websites to your whitelist to make sure you don’t accidentally close them using the extension. Overall, if you have been having memory consumption issues due to Google Chrome, this extension will solve it all. You can install The Great Suspender on your Google Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store link given below :


#5 – Session Buddy

The last Chrome extension to use to manage tabs on our list is Session Buddy. Its main purpose is also to save collections so that you can quickly launch them as you please, just like Toby does on our list. However, one great feature about Session Buddy is the fact that it actively monitors all of your tabs and ensures you don’t lose any data if any mishap were to occur. While Google Chrome has a built-in restore feature, it doesn’t show up most of the times when Chrome crashes unexpectedly. The extension also has a good overall user interface which makes it easier for new users to get accustomed to. You can also use this extension to create several workspaces with pre-defined tabs like we mentioned before as well. You can install Session Buddy on your Google Chrome browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store link given below :


That’s all for this guide! Did we help you find some good Google Chrome extensions to use to manage tabs? If you have any other extensions in mind, do let us know in the comments below!


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