Best Gengar Moveset in Pokemon Go

Released in 2016, AR game Pokemon Go is part of the Pokemon franchise which uses GPS to find Pokemon. You will be able to find and battle virtual Pokemon in your real-world location. There are over 150 Pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon GO, and one of them is Gengar. In this guide, we will take you through the best Gengar moveset in Pokemon Go.

You can participate in PvP and PvE challenges with the Pokemon that you catch in the wild. As long as you have a solid moveset and strategy, you should be able to defeat your opponent. There are many strong attackers in Pokemon Go, and Gengar is one of them. So, let’s find out how you can build the best Gengar moveset in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: Best Gengar Moveset

Gengar is a Ghost and Poison Type Pokemon who you can evolve from Gastly. It is actually the strongest Ghost Pokemon of the original 151 Pokemon in the game, making it a fan favorite. You can use Gengar in your team in both offensive and defensive roles.

The first thing you need to do to play Gengar in battle is, of course, to catch it. You will be able to catch it in the wild using Pokeballs. Make sure to get one with good IVs and CP. You can use TMs or Technical Machines to teach it more moves. An important thing to remember is that you should pick your moves carefully. It should not only be focused on strength, but also on how you can make them fit into the role they play in a team.

All Gengar Moves in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Gengar can learn four Fast Moves and seven Charged Moves to use in battle. These are Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Fighting, and Poison Types. Make sure to use a move that your opponent is most susceptible to. It’s a good idea to learn all the moves that you can teach your Gengar, so let’s take a look at all Fast and Charged moves of the Pokemon.

Fast Moves

  • Sucker Punch: This is a Dark Type move which deals 10 DPS.
  • Shadow claw – This is a Ghost Type move which deals 15.4 DPS.
  • Hex – This is a Ghost Type move which deals 10 DPS.
  • Lick – This is a Ghost Type move which deals 12 DPS.

Charged Moves

  • Shadow Ball – This is a Ghost Type move which deals 40 DPS.
  • Sludge Bomb – This is a Poison Type move which deals 41.7 DPS.
  • Focus Blast – This is a Fighting Type move which deals 40 DPS.
  • Dark Pulse – This is a Dark Type move which deals 26.7 DPS.
  • Shadow Punch – This is a Ghost Type move which deals 28.29 DPS.
  • Sludge Wave – This is a Poison Type move which deals 41.3 DPS.
  • Psychic – This is a Psychic Type move which deals 32.1 DPS.

Gengar Offensive Moves

If you want to use Gengar as an offensive player, you will be able to deal heavy damage. This is through the moves Lick and Shadow Ball. Lick is a quick move that deals 12 DPS while the main move Shadow Ball deals 40 DPS. With STAB or Same Type Attack Bonus, you can achieve even better results. This moveset will net you the highest total DPS for PVP battles.

You can also try other Charged moves such as Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Focus Blast and Psychic to fight a wider range of Pokemon. Sludge Bomb and Sludge Wave deal a point of additional DPS over Shadow Ball, but they cost more energy to use.

If you see a Fighting Type Pokemon in battle, take advantage of the fight by using Gengar’s Dual Typing. The Pokemon takes 0.25x damage from Fighting Type Pokemon, which makes it great for beating Pokemon like Lucario.

Gengar Defensive Moves

Gengar excels in a defensive role as well, due to its many resistances. You should be aware of its weaknesses, which are Ground, Ghost, Psychic, and Dark Types. However, it can resist attacks from Grass, Fairy, Normal, Poison, Bug, and Fighting Types.

The best moves to use in a defensive role are Hex and again, Shadow Ball. Hex will deal less damage than Lick at 10 DPS, but it will fetch you more energy. You will need this energy to perform the main move Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball is a Ghost Type move which deals 40 DPS at the cost of 16.7 EPS, and gets STAB damage as well.

While you might want to use your powerful Gengar in almost every battle, you should also know when to retreat. If you come across Mewtwo or Deoxys, protect your Gengar as they are weak to Psychic and Ghost moves. If you are fighting against a Gengar, these are the Pokemon that you can counter with.

So, that was our guide on the best moveset that you can build for Gengar in Pokemon Go. If used wisely, you can easily beat most Pokemon in PvP with Gengar on your team. So, go out there and catch a decent Gengar and you can train to be the best Ghost Type fighter.

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