Best Graphics Card Overclocking Softwares and Tools

Gaming is a new trend but mainly as a hobby. We have been playing several games since the evolution of high-end computers. It might be challenging to find people who have not played the legendary Road Rash or the Need for Speed. Not to deny this was the first time people enjoyed playing a game, and till now, the legacy continues.

The games evolved in such a manner that is now distinguishing between a game and a movie scene is considerably difficult for a novice. But as the games evolved and the time passed by, games have taken a sophisticated turn over.

Nowadays, games possess a high system requirement list. Most of the people gaming around always don’t have the specific requirements that comply with the game. Let us take a case of Forza Horizon 4, this game requires an intel i7 processor to work efficiently, but most of the people out there may have a system with i5 or even an i3. What are they going to do? They will simply search the web and land on our article just like you. And we will help them out with this difficulty. So let’s get started.

What is Overclocking?

Overclocking is directly boosting the system to its higher potential and sometimes even more than that. Overclocking can be done on all the hardware components, excluding the RAM frequency and the screen refresh rate. Other than that, each and every element on the computer system can be overclocked.

After learning all this, you might think that overclocking is excellent, and we should try it. But there is also a fact you should know about overclocking, and that is it can severely damage the internals of the system. We will now list the risks associated with the overclocking of components.

Risks of Overclocking

Overclocking the computer components like the processor and graphics card possess significant risk starting from thermal throttling to a seized computer. Overclocking can literally fry up your components if not done with care. Below we will list all the risks associated with overclocking of a computer.

  1. There is an enormous amount of heat generated that can result in circuit failure and finally seize up the system.
  2. Thermal throttling can occur, which will result in deteriorated performance.
  3. After overclocking, most of the system processes stop responding.
  4. Overclocking can void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. It will help if you have excellent thermal cooling else. Your overall setup will miserably fail.

These were all the risks associated with the overclocking of computer components. Now, after knowing the risks, you’re sure that you want to overclock your system. So let’s now move on to the other section where we will discuss how you can overclock your PC.

How to Overclock a PC?

After understanding the risks involved while overclocking computer components, its time to know how you can do this; firstly, you need to download any of the Overclocking tools or software that we will discuss in the next section. And then slide the bars to the higher frequency rates available or showing in the tool. Then simply minimize that and start your gaming session. You just need to take care of the thermals, and the software itself manages the rest.

Learn about the CPU and GPU:

Before overclocking the GPU or CPU, you need to know the complete information about it. Here is two software which will help in garnering the detailed information about the CPU and GPU called CPU-Z and GPU-Z. Well, most of the overclocking software gives you that data, which you really need to see. Well, GPU-Z and CPU-Z Tool shows the in-depth detail into exactly how your PC or laptop is performing.

Here is the complete list of tools to find the graphics card information.

In the next section, we will be discussing the best Softwares and tools that are available on the internet to meet your overclocking needs. So let’s begin.

Best Graphics Card Overclocking Softwares and Tools

Now we will discuss the best software and tools that are available for overclocking. But before that, keep in mind that some tools are designed for specific Graphics card architecture. Like if we discuss Nvidia Inspector, as the name suggests, it is only compatible with Nvidia models.

1. MSI Afterburner

This is probably the most popular and most used software in the world of overclocking. The best feature of this software is that it supports all the graphics card, whether it is Nvidia or AMD, both suits this. Another feature includes benchmarking and loading specific profiles for specific games. This software also automatically controls the CPU if the graphics card performance increased. So we think that this is the best software anyone will need for overclocking needs.

To download, follow this link: MSI Afterburner.

2. NVIDIA Inspector

This is probably the best overcl0cking tool for Nvidia Graphics card users. This software has some unique features like temperature monitoring, range, and even bottlenecking. We can term it the all in one package for Nvidia graphics card users. But this does not support the old 5x series. Rather than that, all are supported, even the latest RTX series.

To download, follow this link: NVIDIA Inspector.

3. EVGA Precision X

This software can be the best if you have the required hardware. EVGA Precision X is capable of exploring the full potential of the system with one click. The best feature it has is the optimization with other applications. If you use some unknown software, you will experience error codes popping up, but with this, that is not the case. This software is most compatible with Nvidea, but there are compatibility issues with some AMD graphics cards. It also supports multiple profiles for multiple games.

To download, follow this link: EVGA Precision X.

4. AMD Ryzen Master

As the name suggests, this software is well suited to AMD graphics cards. The software allows clocking of the GPU and sometimes the APU of a computer if it does not have a dedicated card. AMD Ryzen Master is best in terms of usability and functionality due to its auto mode.

The auto mode works in the way that if you increase the graphics card frequency, the processor frequency is decreased. All these things make AMD Ryzen Master a perfect package for all the AMD users. This software is compatible with the latest AMD Ryzen series, RX series as well as R series.

To download, follow this link: AMD Ryzen Master.

5. CPU-Z and GPU-Z

These two tools don’t help or do overclocking but are, in reality, are more useful than people might think. It has all the levels like frequency data check, thermal check, and, most importantly, clock speed tracker. These things give real insights into what’s happening inside your PC. And with this two software, you can know them very quickly. Further, GPI-Z is for Graphics card details, and CPU-Z is for the processor details. And they are so lite that they don’t interfere or capture RAM memory to cause a difference in performance.

To download, follow this link: CPU-Z & GPU-Z.

6. Intel XTU

Intel XTU stands for the Extreme Utility Tool. And in reality, it gives extreme power in the hands of the user. With the Intel XTU, you can change the clock speeds. Further, it has a unique feature that is core management. In the core management menu, you can change the clock speeds of all the cores differently or individually. This thing in our language is a masterstroke from the house of Intel. No other software comes near to this when we talk about this Intel XTU.

To download, follow this link: Intel XTU.

7. CPU Tweaker

CPU Tweaker, as the name suggests, allows major tweaks that can be done in order to gain a performance boost. However, this tool is extremely raw, and you need proper knowledge of all the components in the system before using this. We recommend using this tool under expert supervision; otherwise, you may land in great trouble. Other than this, CPU Tweaker hosts a lot of features as it allows individual controls over all the parts of the system.

To download, follow this link: CPU Tweaker.

8. SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility

Another great overclocking utility software, but sadly only AMD users can get access to this. But don’t worry, it supports the whole range of AMD Graphics card starting from the R series to the Fury series. And also, it hosts several controls over the CPU and GPU.

Moreover, it also provides real-time monitoring. We found the most exciting feature here, screen recording, which is available only in MSI Afterburner and this one. So this seems an excellent deal.

To download, follow this link: SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility.

9. SetFSB

FSB stands for Front Side Bus. Tweaking the FSB of a device holds different pros and cons. Pros are that you get a faster system that directly interacts with the RAM without the interference of the operating system. And the con is that one wrong step and your motherboard is fried. So taking care of these issues, SetFSB can be used very well. It also features some furthermore advanced customizations.

To download, follow this link: SetFSB

10. Asus GPU Tweak II

This overclocking software from the house of Asus is a great tool and utility software. It allows most of the function that is available among all the best ones. Further, this adds one more feature, and that is the undervolting of the CPU and the GPU. Undervolting reduces power consumption, which, in return, reduces thermal throttling. This is a great feature to have. And the best part is, it has the most simple user interface. Using this in other terms is the child’s play.

To download, follow this link: Asus GPU Tweak II.

In this guide, we have discussed the overclocking fundamentals, risks, and ways of overclocking a CPU or a GPU. This guide was for the users who are finding the best graphics card overclocking tool or utility software. We hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. Thank You.

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