Best Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 / 11

Windows 10 already comes with a pretty reliable built-in sound equalizer that provides you with a satisfactory audio experience. And speaking of the latest Windows 11, we can expect something similar, if not better. However, that does not fulfill the desires of most people, especially music lovers like me. People with rich taste in music always look for better audio mix quality. And definitely, the built-in audio mixer in Windows won’t provide you with such prime quality.

Perhaps you should look for dedicated sound equalizers with specified features and functionalities. A good sound equalizer/ mixer will probably provide a much better audio listening experience and enhance your device’s sound quality. However, finding a trustworthy and reliable equalizer can be confusing since there are loads of such software on the internet. To narrow down this list, we have done our best to develop the best sound equalizer for Windows 10 and 11.

Best Sound Equalizer for Windows 1011

Best Sound Equalizer For Windows 11

If you’re looking for a best sound equalizer for your Windows 11 operating system that you can use for free as well as paid software with better features and effects, check it out to know which sound equalizer is better for you:

1. Equalizer APO (Free)

Equalizer APO is an advanced and an open-source audio equalizer for Windows operating system. It stands for Audio Processing Object (APO) and functions as a system equalizer that allows users to adjust and enhance the audio output of their windows. However, it offers a huge range of audio equalization capabilities which can be easy to use with any audio device or applications on the system.

The Equalizer uses a parametric equalizer that allows users to boost up their frequency range according to their choice. This may be pretty useful and more convenient for correcting audio imbalances, enhancing frequencies, specific audio setup and many more. Along with this, it also features a GUI configuration editor with configurable frequency resolution. However, it has low memory requirements and you don’t need to worry about RAM consumption.

The versatility of Equalizer APO makes it stand out. You can easily access Equalizer APO on various audio devices including headphones, external speakers, and other audio devices. Furthermore, it also works with most Windows audio applications and software such as media players, communication software, web browser which makes it a useful and powerful tool for audio enthusiasts, editors, professionals, and gamers alike.

Additional Features:

  • Lightweight program
  • High-quality audio software
  • Zero delays on your audio latency
  • You can save and load audio customization as text files

2. FXSound (Free)

FXSound is another most convenient and powerful sound equalizer for Windows operating systems and you can easily access it on your Windows 10/11. However, if you want a clear and crystal sound on your Windows, FXSound would be perfect for you. This may allow you to boost the sound quality and its clarity, bass and volume are pretty useful. With this, you can quickly manage audio for any program and software and it’s free to use which you can easily access on your Windows 11 PC.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about Windows 11’s limited sound equalizer capacity. With FXSound, you can easily make your Windows sound better and more enhanced while playing music, gaming, watching movies and shows, and other other operations. In addition, FXSound is a great and convenient audio software tool which gives you an excellent experience with your Windows sound system and other audio devices as well.

Additional Features:

  • FXSound produced a clear-crystal audio.
  • It performs well and fast as compared to other audio tools.
  • It works well with most audio devices.
  • Customizable sound effects.

3. Viper4Windows (Free)

Viper4Windows is other powerful and effective sound equalizer for your Windows operating system. It is especially designed to enhance the audio experience on your Windows 11 PC and it allows users to customize their audio settings according to their preferences. In addition, Viper4Windows also offers a wide range of features and other functionalities such as advanced equalizer, audio effects, surround audio simulation and more.

Along with this, users can easily able to adjust specific audio parameters such as bass, treble, and balance to instate a required sound profile on their Windows. Viper4Windows offers a variety of special features and effects which are cost-free and you can easily access it on your Windows 11.

Moreover, it also offers a wide range of audio effects such as reverb, exciter and compressor which can enhance the audio quality you’re trying to equalize on your system. It also a virtual surround feature that creates a simulated surround sound experience which makes more useful for those who are particularly using headphones and steoro speakers.

Additional Features:

  • Free to use on your Windows operating system.
  • Easy to access for managing audio systems.
  • Allows you to access various effects including plethora.

4. Realtek HD Audio Manager (Free)

Realtek HD Audio Manager is yet another free and powerful sound equalizer for your Windows 11 PC which is convenient and useful for those who are beginners. With this software tool, you are easily able to change several sound settings on stereo, speakers and mic. However, it does not come with a Windows 11 installation, and you need to download this on your operating system if you want to use it on your system.

Realtek HD Audio Manager is known for the highly customizable equalizer set of 10 bands which is handy to access it on your Windows. In addition, the equalizer sound effect has various bands that range between 31dB and 16k dB as well as additional customization for further use. Also, there are number of sound effects which you can easily apply on your selected audio and make it more interesting as compared to the normal one.

Overall, the Realtek HD Audio Equalizer for your Windows 11 offers great feature with number of bands and sound effects. It’s a cost-free and you don’t need to purchase any subscription plan to access this platform on your computer. So, you should consider it.

5. Boom3D (Paid)

Boom3D is known for the popular and well known sound equalizer for Windows operating systems. Although, it is not entirely free, but you could get some of the best audio equalizing feature by using 30-days free trial period. It is especially designed to enhance the audio that was created to provide your media content with 3D effects. In addition, Boom3D uses immersive 3D surround sound technology to provide a better and more engaging audio experience while watching movies, listening to music or playing video games.

Boom3D is especially works in gaming as it is multi-l channel 3D surround which help create incredibly clarity while gaming. So, if you’re a professional gamer and looking for a best sound equalizer, it’s for you only. Make sure to remember it’s not a free tool and you need to buy the subscription as you get 30-days free trial for the first time and you can be able to access various features and effects as well.

Additional Features:

  • Boom volume booster
  • Apps volume controller
  • Feature rich audio effect

6. Voice AutoEQ (Paid)

Voice AutoEQ is the other most convenient and powerful sound equalizer for your Windows 11. The audio equalizer is easy to use tool and you can adjust audio inputs and outputs on your computer without any difficulties. However, it automatically suggests mild frequency equalization and with this, you may be able to make your sound amazing and when you listen, it’s very interesting and that’s great.

There are number of benefits of using Voice AutoEQ on your system including improved speech intelligibility, reduced harshness and background muddiness in the voice, and more professional sound. However, it can be useful in various ways such as podcasting, voice-over recording, conference, broadcasting, speaking events or any other situation where clear and pleasent voice is essential. Therefore, Voice AutoEQ isn’t a free tool and there is a pro version available that requires a subscription in order to access various features and effects.

Additional Features:

  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Have a large option to enhance the audio you want to make.
  • Access to various effects and features.

7. Equalizer Pro (Paid)

Equalizer Pro is one of the other best sound equalizers for your Windows 11 PC. It gives you most chances to control your audio tone and pitch by using the 10-band equalizer and that’s great to access by your own. However, you can easily be able to access as the sound equalizer has a smooth and functional UI that makes it pretty to use.

You can also make your sound great and more perfect with one of the 20th presets which are basically designed for popular listening modes with Equalizer Pro. Along with this, you may be able to create custom presets by your own. Unfortunately, Equalizer Pro is not free. But you can enjoy a seven-day free trial by choosing a subscription plan.

Additional Features:

  • You can set your custom presets by your own.
  • Has bass boost effect which is more useful.
  • Allow to access more than 20 equalizer presets.

8. Adobe Audition (Paid)

Adobe Audition is a multifaceted tool especially for creating and editing audio files. The platform offers a wide range of features and tools for manipulating and enhancing audio recordings. One of the notable tools in Adobe Audition is the sound equalizer that allows users to adjust their audio frequency to achieve a desired balance. On the other hand, Adobe Audition is very effective and has a flexible way to it’s multitask compatibility.

In addition, it can be used to reverb background noise on audio inputs. Along with this, it also offers a variety of tools that you can easily use on your audio to make your audio files into a great level and more engaging. However, Adobe Audition isn’t a free tool to access various features and effects. Well, you need to purchase a subscription plan to access its effects and additional features.


Windows probably has a lot of other options as well. However, we tried to come up with the best solutions depending on the various types of users. Of course, the paid ones come with a lot of additional features, but if you have general requirements, a free app can also be a good recommendation. This article simply consists of the 5 best sound equalizers for your Windows PC from different categories. I hope this article had been helpful, and do let us know about your top picks too.


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