How to Cancel Peacock TV Subscription

Peacock has barely finished teething, while certain streaming heavyweights have their driver’s licenses. In 2020, Peacock launched as a dumping ground for NBC content, but the best selling point for Peacock was that it was bringing back “The Office,” which had been taken by Netflix.

There were groans; it wasn’t very exciting, and many people were bummed to spend more money on another streaming service. But, some users need help cancelling their subscription to Peacock TV. That’s why we are here; in this article, you will learn how to cancel your Peacock TV subscription.

How to Cancel Peacock TV Subscription

How to Cancel Peacock TV Subscription

There are some points that you are required to follow to cancel your Peacock TV subscription. However, some users may need to become more familiar with these steps. Therefore, in case you don’t know how to do this, perform these steps:

  1. You can access your profile by logging into (it opens in a new tab) and clicking the icon at the top of your screen.
  2. You can also select Account and Profile Settings in the top right corner.Cancel Peacock TV Subscription
  3. If you want to access your Account, you will need to sign in to Peacock first.
  4. You can change your plan by clicking “Change Plan” next to your current Peacock plan.
  5. Select Peacock Free from the drop-down menu. You don’t need to look for a “Cancel” button, as there is none.
  6. To confirm, select “Change Plan.”.
  7. You can cancel your Account by selecting “Switch to Free” under the images of everything Peacock has already tried to get you to watch. Never give in to the ‘begging‘ phase.

So, that’s how to cancel the Peacock TV subscription. I hope you found this guide useful. Furthermore, in case you need more help, comment below and let us know. 

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