Fix: COD Vanguard Crashing at Fetching Online Profile

COD has been a very popular game both for its unique gameplay and the bugs its gaming community faces. Although most of the bugs are fixed by now with several patch updates, still there’s more to come. In recent weeks, many players are facing the issue where the COD Vanguard starts crashing at getting online profiles or avatars. This has been very common but gets very annoying as users cant access their avatars. The problem occurs when players are trying to connect to the online services via and the game gets stuck on the profile screen and suddenly crashes.

COD has multiple iterations of its games and all of them have some sort of bugs or errors. This is very common as when a game has to be launched to work on thousands of devices, some issues are bound to happen. This issue of online profile crashing is particularly faced with Xbox consoles and PC users only.

Fix COD Vanguard Crashing at Fetching Online Profile

Fix: COD Vanguard Crashing at Fetching Online Profile

The issue of profile crashing is very peculiar as you need to customise your profile before every match to add any extra attachments you might need later. The problem of crashing is most probably due to the misconfiguration of game files in some form or another.

PC – Fetching Online Profile Crashes Game from CODVanguard

There have been many reports of similar nature on Reddit which shows the severity of this problem in the COD gaming community.

The best way to clear this issue is to restart the game and make sure you have a good internet connection. Games like COD Vanguard need high-speed internet to give you the best gaming experience. So connect with your ISP for a high-speed internet package. If you are sure about your internet connection, then here are some other workarounds for the game.

Although there is not any official fix for the game, there is a special workaround that can help to fix COD Vanguard Crashing at Fetching Online Profile issue.

  1. Open the COD vanguard game on your PC or console.
  2. Click button B to cancel the connection online and select offline mode.
  3. Go into multiplayer mode while being offline.
  4. Now hop back to the “campaign, multiplayer, zombies” screen.
  5. Here click on the two TV buttons and go-to online mode.
  6. Now you can choose the multiplayer mode and your online profile will be visible without any issues.

As far as the official stance on this issue is concerned, developers are aware and working on a quick fix for the problem. So keep an eye on the latest game updates and avoid installing any mod packs for the game.

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