How To Complete The Oubliette Quest In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Recent Contributions to the gaming industry started craving out players with its innovative missions. Yes, I am talking about the recent release “Baldur’s Gate 3” which shivers the entire gaming industry with its legacy belief. But being inclusive of numerous elements to the game, such gaming titles are also known for their suspense-based quests promising players to reward whatever they want. However, I agree we have other ways to get such a reward but to level up the in-game progress, a potential player needs to address such a quest and complete it wisely.

If you closely look at Baldur’s Gate 3 Quests, then you will find a long queue of missions to deliver their performance. Among those titles, the only quest for which players crave to know is “The Oubliette Quest”. Being similar to another quest, this also has the same chronology, like you need to face challenges to win the utmost rewards, but this is a special area hidden beneath in-game elements for which players can’t find any specific way to complete this quest. So, To address such craving players, here we are explaining straightway to complete such a quest.

How To Complete The Oubliette Quest In Baldur's Gate 3?

How To Complete The Oubliette Quest In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Oubliette seems to be a challenging quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, this is because of other quests. The game itself navigates you to discover that place. But really the Oubliette is a much harder quest as this is a boss area that hides under the moonrise tower of Act 2. In such a way, the player even can’t decide where to start and what to do here. After all the entire concern is which technique or smart work to do so that Oubliette Quest can complete, and Ultimately the player’s goal gets achieved after leveling up in support of this quest.

On that note, we tried to find a way to reach the final phase of the Oubliette Quest. In our research, it summarized as the first player needs to enter a broken tower to reach Oubliette. Subsequently, when you explore such an area, you will result in a Single Mind Flayer layer. Remember Mind Flayer is the only enemy that you need to defeat in this quest and so on the Oubliette Quest will be complete. I am sure you get a rough idea of completing the quest, but for a broad view, let’s look at the steps to complete it.

  1. Simply, Head to the Moonrise Tower of Act 2.
  2. Then make efforts and defeat Ketheric thorm.
  3. Next, you will notice a broken tower with a red glow.
  4. Enter into that red glowing tower to reach Oubliette.
  5. Following this, the quest will start and so on a Mind Flayer will be on your screen.
  6. Now defeat Mind Flayer with all your hard efforts.
  7. Once Mind Flayer is defeated, Your Oubliette Quest will be complete.

In this way, you can complete the most inquiring Oubliette Quest. I hope you got the concern as players merely stuck to find the Red Glowing Tower under Moonrise Tower of Act 2. However, if someone thinks that they don’t find such a glowing tower in Act 2, then do remember the same you will get in Act 3 as you progress in the game. I hope you got the way to complete such a hard quest. Although, I have tried to explain the concern in an easy way, even if any users have queries then ask them below.

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