How to Pair or Connect AirPods to A Windows PC

People have a common misconception that Apple Airpods only work with Apple devices. Users think other devices do no support the Airpods or vice-versa. However, you can connect Airpods to non-Apple gadgets. In this guide, I will show you how to pair up the portable Apple in-ears with Windows PC. The OS version doesn’t matter. It will work fine on Windows 7/8/10 which most people use.

Some may be new users of the Airpods. Hence, this guide will help them out. As Airpods connect over Bluetooth, you need to pair it first. These days the Bluetooth in-ears are becoming popular among the masses. When it comes to wireless connectivity, Apple’s Airpods always takes the cake. So, more users are switching to it. Also, Apple is now allowing easy connectivity to other operating systems such as Windows.

Connect Airpods

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Connect AirPods to A Windows PC


Before starting, I must mention that you must completely charge the Airpods and it’s container case. Otherwise, the low charge may hinder the connectivity.
  • Open your Windows PC
  • In the search box, type Bluetooth Settings > click Open on the right side resulting.
    Open Bluetooth Settings Windows PC
  • Enable Bluetooth by clicking the toggle and changing the status to On.
    Add Airpods
  • Click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device
  • Then in the next screen click on the first option ie Bluetooth
    Connect Airpods to Windows PC over Bluetooth
  • The PC will search for Bluetooth enabled audio devices to present nearby
  • Now, make sure the case of the Airpods is open
  • Press the button on the back of the Apple Airpods case to initiate into pairing mode to pair it with the host device which in this case is the Windows PC.
  • You will observe the LED light on the case starts blinking white.
  • Make sure that the Airpods and the PC are near to each other
  • Now, on the Windows PC screen, Airpods should show up on the Bluetooth Audio devices available for connection.
  • Click on Airpods.
  • Within a moment Windows PC will connect to the Airpods.
  • You will see that Airpods status is mentioned as connected.
    Connect Airpods
  • Once the connection is carried out click on Done to finish the setup


Once you have paired both Airpods and Windows PC, the pairing will stay like that. Next time you do not have to pair again. Simply enable Bluetooth on both devices and they will connect on their own when in close vicinity.

Now, you know how to successfully connect Airpods to your Windows PC. Enjoy the music and do share this post with your friends if you found this informative.

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