The Ultimate Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide

Cult of Lambs is the latest independent game from Massive Monsters. It should appeal to anyone who likes dungeon-crawling rogue-like games like Hades and Curse of the Dead Gods. The adorable naughty game has spectacular visuals and is deeper than it first appeared. This Cult of Lamb Farming guide will show you how to start farming and set up your own farm.

Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide

Players will find themselves in the center of an unsolved community management simulator once they complete the introductory cinematic and combat tutorials. They will advance the storyline thanks to the demanding high-action battles while building an outstanding cult of devoted followers.

The game’s first few hours require players to absorb a lot of material. And it’s easy to get overcome all the new concepts with tutorials. The following guide includes some pointers and tricks for beginners in the Cult of Lamb. So, the new players can adjust to life as cult leaders.

For your followers to survive in the cult of lamb, you need to feed them everything you can cook, no matter how bad you cook and how it affects them. Instead of cooking basic and perishable meals with what you have, the best way is to ensure you have enough food to last for days. Also, a steady supply of resources will come from farming.

A basic illustration of how farming works in the game starts with choosing a farming plot, watering the crops for the seeds you want to use, adding fertilizer, and then harvesting the food resources. Here are some ideas and strategies for maintaining the growth and prosperity of a player’s cult.

Farm Plot

The first stage of farming begins with choosing a farm plot. The first upgrade you can get using Diving Inspiration (thanks to your followers’ devotion) and obtain a farm plot. The scheme will be pretty basic, but you can upgrade later. At the same time, placement on the corner of your cult area may be considered, allowing for expansion and additional buildings to be placed in the vicinity.

Cult of the Lamb Farming Upgrades Guide

Choosing a 6×6 spacing for your plots allows you to add a farming station and seed silo to the Farming Bundle upgrade option. It is unlocked right after you get the farm plot.

The 6×6 Placing and Farming Bundles ensure you don’t have to worry about planting seeds or watering crops. Your followers will automatically sow seeds and water the plants close to your plots with seed silos and farming stations. With these two main tasks, all you have left is fertilizing and harvesting your plants for resources.

As you progress in the game and as your cult grows, you won’t have to worry about these tasks as additional upgrades ensure you can rest, and your followers will automatically farm. They are managing and bringing in a steady supply of food.


One such upgrade you’ll get next time around is the Scarecrow, an important item that repels insects. The pests in the game are birds that will land on your farm and steal seeds from time to time, reducing the yield. As your farm grows in its area, you will need to put up a scarecrow to keep birds away from the plants.

The next upgrade is windmills, which reduce the time you spend harvesting your plants. Placing one or two windmills in a 6×6 placement near the farming station will reduce the time it takes for your plants to mature.


The ultimate upgrade for your farm should be the best for fertilizer and storage. Fertilizer is an important item you need to grow plants, and storing poop, such as a seed silo, ensures that there is never a fertilizer shortage for your farm. With these upgrades, you can start your farm and guarantee a good supply of resources as soon as possible in the game.

Lumber Is Immensely Valuable

When players initially arrive at their new potential settlement. The earth is covered with various trees, rocks, and plants. You can interact with these objects to gather berries, stone, and wood as they supply food and resources for construction to the player’s expanding flock. The gathering spots are essential to success in the game’s early stages.

Unfortunately, as soon as players understand, they must let trees grow back. Wood quickly becomes scarce on their property to harvest several pieces of lumber. Trees can take days to rise again (in-game time), so players must wait for a valuable resource. Even worse, wood isn’t as plentiful during dungeon crawls and excursions.

Trees are typically not present in the early stages. But players can disrupt the environment in these places to obtain stone, bones, and grass. Players can construct lumber yards by swiftly getting Tier II of Divine Inspiration talent tree to help fight this shortage of lumber. By doing this, they can enlist cult members to work on structures and generate wood.

Always destroy the environment when running dungeons

When a player enters a fighting zone, they have access to Curses. And Weapons that they can employ to deal damage to their foes. And even disassemble objects in the environment’s rooms. Players will quickly find that they are gaining materials by disassembling these items to their most basic components.

Even though, at first, it appears to be nothing more than mindless destruction. The grass is a useful resource in abundance and is used in various recipes. Thus players should always chop any grass they come across. (Which can use to generate a grass-based food supply in a pinch). Along the route, the lamb should smash any idols, rocks, pots, or other items they come across because they will reward them with bones, stone, and other crafting supplies.

Pick The Right Weapon

At the beginning of each dungeon run, players discover random weapons and curses (which serve as powers). Similar to Curse of the Old Gods and The Binding of Isaac. Initially, players are only allowed to use the abilities they were given, but those who are lucky. If or invest enough time in developing necessary talents will have access to various weapons and curses.

Players should choose weapons that complement their play style because each weapon has the potential to be extremely lethal in the right hands. While some weapons are sluggish to swing but deliver significant DPS when they strike, others are rapid, chaining many low-damage blows to nibble away at foes. Players should rapidly discover what works for them once they can acquire it. And use weapons to make completing dungeon runs simpler.

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