Fix Deep Rock Galactic Black Screen issue and Not Launching Crash At Startup

The May 2020 release first-person shooting game Deep Rock Galactic is available for both Windows and Xbox One users. But it is not an issue-free gaming experience at all for many players out there. Many have reported a bunch of errors and are looking for solutions to these issues.

In this article, we will take a look at a couple of the issues that are reported by many players. We will also take a look at how one can fix it and enjoy the game as it is meant to be done in the first place.

Deep Rock Galactic

Fix for Deep Rock Galactic issues:

Here we are taking a look at the blank screen issue and the crash at startup, not launching aspect of the game. We have encountered these two issues in the PC version of the game only, and these fixes are for those PC players only.

Blank screen issue:

Black screen issue is something that we see happening in lots of PC games of all the different genres. Deep Rock Galactic players have reported that when they launch the .exe game file, it loads all good and well, but the screen remains blank. In the background, players can still the game’s audio playing generally with the usual mouse cursor sounds.

There are two reasons behind such behavior. One is the unsupported video resolution, and the other is faulty GPU drivers. To fix it, run the game and wait till you hear the game’s audio in the background. Now press Alt+ Enter buttons, and the game will shrink down to a windowed mode. The video will soon be available in the windowed mode. Go to the settings in the game and change the video resolution there to match the one you have as default on your PC’s screen. Now press Alt+Enter again after you have changed the settings, and the game will play with video in the fullscreen mode. After changing settings in the windowed mode, the screen might go blank. In that case, switch it back to fullscreen mode using the Alt and Enter buttons, and you will be okay.

Coming to the second reason, that is faulty GPU drivers. Sometimes an update works against you when it comes to games and GPU drivers. If you are experiencing this error after updating your GPU drivers, then just uninstall the newer version of the drivers and install the older ones once again. You should see the game’s content on your screen again after rolling back the latest version of the driver.

Crash at startup, Not launching:

Another one of the common errors we see in lots of PC games now is crash at startup. Many Deep Rock Galactic players have reported that when they tree to run the game, the game does not launch. It crashes down entirely, and we see nothing on the screen. There could be two reasons behind this issue too. First is the lack of administrative user rights, and the second is a block from third-party apps and antiviruses

The game required administrative permission to run on your PC. So if you are on a user account that is not the admin account, then quickly switch it to the admin. After logging in to the admin account, go to the game folder and right-click on the .exe game file. Go to properties, then click on the tab on top that says Compatibility. After that, check the box next to “Run This program as an administrator.” Apply the change and then try rerunning the file. If the problems still exist, that is is definitely due to a third-party application or an antivirus.

Gaming PC manufacturers sometimes push out their company’s application programs for their PCs, and these monitoring applications sometimes stop games from launching. We are talking about apps like MSI Afterburner and GeForce Experience.

These applications are developed considering gaming, but they sometimes backfire. Additionally, antiviruses or windows defender can also prove to do the same thing as these applications at certain times. The .exe game file is detecting by some antiviruses as a trojan or malware, and it prevents it from launching at all times. So try turning off your antivirus or windows defender and then starting the game again. If you are concerned about your security and don’t want to turn off the antivirus then you can add the game’s folder to the antivirus’s exception list. This should fix your issue with the game not launching correctly.

So there you have it, quick and easy fixes for two common issues players encounter in Deep Rock Galactic’s gameplay. If you have any queries, then comment down below and let us know. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone, Android, Games, Windows, and much more for more useful information.

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