How To Delete All My Tweets In One Go From My Twitter Account?

We all change over time. The person we are today will get developed in the coming five years. Even if, for some reason, you are the same, then the world is definitely not and especially a social media platform like Twitter. In the last five years, the audience on Twitter has also changed drastically. It’s now an enormous platform where almost everything’s public, and there’s no specific reason for which all your tweets should exist. Maybe there’s a nasty joke, maybe there’s something you don’t want people to read, maybe there’s an opinion which can harm a group of people and so on…

So now the problem arises on how to know what you tweeted and when. After that, looking for those specific tweets and deleting them. It already sounds frustrating. One way of tackling the situation is by getting rid of all the tweets at once. One major problem here is Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API). Well, this means that you only have access to the most recent tweets; 3200, to be precise. Well, what can you do in such a situation? Well, keep reading to know more.

How to Delete All Your Tweets

Method 1: Deleting 3200 Tweets At Once

Delete All Tweets

This method is perfect for users who have less than 3200 tweets on their profile. You can use a service like Tweet Delete. This application has its limitations as it can only delete 3200 of your recent tweets. However, it is a free application and easy-to-use. All you need to do is login using your Twitter account and select the time period of tweets you want to delete.

You can use this service repeatedly to get rid of more than 3200 tweets at a time.

Method 2: Using Paid Service To Delete All Tweets

Delete All Tweets


If you have over 3200 tweets, then this is the best option. Using a service like Twitter Eraser, you can delete all your tweets. You will need to pay $7, but it will remove all the tweets forever. Another great thing about it is that you can use this for a maximum of three Twitter accounts.

That’s all, folks! These are the most convenient methods to delete all your tweets from Twitter account. Yes, you can try deleting one tweet at a time, but I don’t think that’s an appropriate method. So go ahead, choose the best way for your account and yes, Be Careful While Tweeting from next time.

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