What is Twitter Spaces? How To Start or Join Spaces?

After ClubHouse, Twitter also introduces an audio chat room called Twitter Spaces. It is basically audio conversation chat rooms that can let you join, speak, and listen. Also, it is not the same as ClubHouse as all the chat rooms are open to the public. Twitter recently introduces this audio-virtual initiative. However, at the time of writing or publishing this article, Twitter Spaces is still in the beta phase with just a few hundred users.

I find this feature really interesting, and that’s why I decided to bring up this dedicated article. So, if you are still not familiar with this service but are keen to know about this feature, you are landed in the right heaven. Here, we will chat about the new Twitter Spaces and how you can start or join any spaces. So, let’s get started.

What is Twitter Spaces? How To Start or Join Spaces?

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces was announced by Twitter back in 2020. Still, it is in the beta phase. But, what is this feature actually about? This is actually a virtual audio platform where you can join a group discussion, debates, chat room, etc. This is similar to ClubHouse that is also gaining a lot of attention in recent time. You can join any group or community in Twitter Spaces. But, if you want to create your own Space, then for this, you need at least 600 followers or more. So, if you wish to create your own, you must need 600 followers.

Also, if you join the party in any Space as a listener, you can react, tweet, or DM on what you listen to, or even make a request to the admin to speak. Now, most of the users are still not familiar with this or don’t know how to start or join spaces. So, here are the steps to join or start spaces in Twitter Spaces.

How To Start or Join Spaces

So, let’s first discuss how to create your own Spaces in Twitter Spaces. Here are the steps:

  • Look, there are two options available using which you can start Space:
    1. Locate the composes button and long press on it, and then select the new Spaces icon located at the left side of the screen.
    2. Now, the second method is to click on your profile image in Fleets and tap Spaces located at the right side of the screen.
  • If you want, you can invite other users to speak, send emojis, share thoughts, etc. But, yes, do not forget to select who can join your Space with speaking privileges.
  • By default, your mic will be off position. So, when you are ready, select the option Start your Space. Then, tap on the Allow mic access button to grant Twitter permission to access the mic of your device. After that, you need to select if you wish to share your Space’s transcriptions by hitting the On or Off button.
  • That’s it. Now, you can start recording your Twitter Space.
  • Also, keep in mind that you’ll get three options for who can speak: Everyone, Only people you invite to speak, or People you follow.

How to join twitter spaces

Now, if you do not have 600 followers and want to join a space instead of creating your own, you can do so very easily. Simply hover to the Fleets section. Then, locate and click on Spaces. Now, select the spaces you want to join and click on the button Join this Space. That’s it. Now, you have successfully joined Twitter Spaces. These methods are working on both Android and iOS, so if you own an iOS device and are worried that if these steps work for you or not. Then, don’t worry about that thing.

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The method mentioned above works on both device Android and iOS. Also, keep in mind that if you create any Spaces, only you can end that Space. So, in the end, if you do not want to continue that Space, then don’t forget to end it.

So, that’s it for this guide. We hope this guide helped you. Further, if you still have any issues regarding the Twitter Spaces, let us know in the comment section. Also, if you are a new visitor, don’t forget to check out our other latest guides.


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