Fix Diablo 4 Not Showing in Library

Blizzard Entertainment has done a tremendous job by releasing an action role-playing game called ‘Diablo IV’ which is the fourth main installment in the Diablo series. Diablo 4 is one of the highly awaited titles that has gathered so much attention worldwide. However, some players have encountered issues with the library which can be too much frustrating. Diablo 4 Not Showing in Library basically prevents multiple players from accessing and launching the game.

In this troubleshooting guide, we will share with you several solutions to resolve this specific issue at your end if in case Diablo 4 doesn’t appear in the library of This particular issue has been encountered by a lot of unfortunate players in Russia and Belarus. The Diablo IV game gets disappeared all of a sudden from the launcher no matter whether it’s purchased or someone gifted it or not. It becomes chaos among the affected Diablo IV players in more regions gradually.

Fix Diablo 4 Not Showing in Library

Fix Diablo 4 Not Showing in Library

Initially, the Diablo IV project wasn’t available for the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation which was confirmed during the open beta test. Well, it turned out to be a bug where Russian and Belarus gamers were unable to get into Diablo IV from Though there is no clear indication whether the game will appear on soon or not. Luckily, there are a couple of possible workarounds mentioned below that should help you fix this issue completely. So, let’s get into it.

1. Update the Launcher

In most cases, Diablo IV might appear in the client’s library due to an outdated or incompatible version that has been installed on Windows. You’re highly recommended to simply update the launcher by following the steps below. The chances are high that updating the client will fix the compatibility issues that will ensure the library recognizes Diablo IV.

  • Launch the application on the PC.
  • Go to the GAMES section > Go to the Options menu (a gear icon).
  • Click on Check for updates.
  • Then follow the on-screen prompts to update the application.
  • Once the update is complete, make sure to relaunch the application to check for the issue.

2. Check for the valid Blizzard Account

You should cross-check the valid Blizzard account details or credentials whether the Diablo IV game doesn’t appear in the library or not. Sometimes an incorrect Blizzard account or the failed validation process will let you go through a couple of issues. If you’ve purchased Diablo IV using another account, make sure to use the same valid Blizzard account.

3. Download and Run Microsoft .NET 6.0 Runtime

Another thing you should do is simply download and run the official Microsoft .NET 6.0 Runtime on your Windows computer by following the steps below to ensure there is no conflict with the additional required program to run Diablo IV. The chances are possible that somehow Diablo IV not appearing in the library due to an incomplete or failed installation to the directory on the PC. So, you can try checking this method.

  • Download the Installer from the official Blizzard website.
  • Next, make sure to run the installer application on the PC, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the client has been installed completely, just launch the application.
  • Then make sure to log in to your Blizzard account.
  • Search for Diablo IV in the game library and Reinstall it.
  • Additionally, you can grab the Microsoft .NET 6.0 Runtime from the official Microsoft website, and install it on your PC.

4. Try Running Diablo IV via a Shortcut

Make sure to run Diablo 4 via a shortcut file on your system then try accessing the game directly. This bypasses the launcher and allows you to access the game directly without having

  • Locate the Diablo 4 installation directory on the PC.
  • Double-click on the game’s executable file named ‘Diablo4.exe’.
    • Otherwise, right-click on the executable file > Select Create Shortcut from the context menu.
    • Then double-click on the shortcut file to launch Diablo IV without using the launcher.

5. Run Diablo IV using a Russian Account

Ensure to run the Diablo IV game using a Russian account by following the steps below if your game has been purchased using the same account. Several Diablo IV players in Russia did find this method helpful. So, you can try it.

  • Log into your Blizzard account profile via the launcher.
  • Download and Install the Battle.Net Installer from the official Github site.
  • Go to the official Microsoft website and download Microsoft .NET 6.0 Runtime as mentioned above.
  • Then Install .NET 6.0 Runtime on your PC and then run the Battle.Net Installer.
  • Next, type the following commands and hit Enter one by one to execute.
TACT Product: fenris

Agent UID: fenris

Installation Directory: C:\Games\Diablo 4 (this is an approximate path for installing the game - choose any suitable folder on the system drive with enough free space)

Game/Asset Language: ruRU (if you need to download the English version of the game, then use the command enUS)

Repair Install (Y/N): N
  • If all commands are correctly entered and executed properly, will eventually start downloading Diablo 4. Although it will identify the game as unknown like ‘Unknown Game (fenris)’, that’s totally fine.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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