DMZ Chemist Sources Mission Guide: Find Sample of the Russian Gas in Vondel

With the arrival of Warzone Season 4, players of Call of Duty DMZ face various new missions to complete. Among these is the Chemist’s Sources, a Tier 4 White Lotus mission involving a journey across two maps and a face-off with the Chemist himself. This guide will walk you through each step, from the challenging confrontation with the Chemist at Al Mazrah to retrieving the Russian gas sample on Vondel.

Chemist’s Sources Mission: An Overview

The Chemist’s Sources mission is a two-part challenge involving specific objectives on Al Mazrah and Vondel maps—the first objective tasks players with locating and defeating the Chemist at Al Mazrah to obtain vital intel. The second objective involves taking this intel to a specified location at Vondel to retrieve a Russian gas sample.

Find and Take the Chemist’s intel Off of him at Al Mazrah

The Chemist can be located by searching for the distinctive red radioactive symbol within a yellow circle on the tactical map. He spawns randomly, so keep a close eye on your map. Remember to equip a gas mask before heading into the Chemist’s vicinity, as the area is laden with harmful radiation.

Defeating the Chemist will not be easy – he’s protected by a squad of guards, and it’s recommended to bring a team along for this fight. Once you’ve managed to defeat him, be sure to collect the intel, a handwritten note containing clues for the next part of the mission.

Find the Sample of the Russian Gas in Vondel

Upon successfully extracting from Al Mazrah, make your way to Vondel to commence the second phase of the mission. The note from the Chemist provides a clue: “Look for the spot that includes many twists and turns”. This is referring to the maze located at the Fire Department POI, found on the southwestern corner of the map.

Search the maze thoroughly for the gas sample, considering that the exact spawn location varies. Once found, stow the Russian gas sample in your backpack and escape from Vondel.

Rewards for Completing the Chemist’s Sources Mission

Completing the Chemist’s Sources mission offers a handsome reward of a Skeleton Key and +30,000 XP. Skeleton Keys can unlock any locked area or container in DMZ, enhancing your opportunities for future gameplay.

Remember, the Chemist’s Sources mission is challenging and requires strategic planning and precise execution. With this guide at your disposal, you’re now equipped to navigate the twists and turns of this exciting mission. Good luck!

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