Download Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Exynos (Oreo and Pie)

Thanks to the flexibility of Android’s open source feature certain Applications are no more exclusive to particular devices. One great example of this is the Googe camera app. Thanks to the intelligent developers who do the hard work of porting down this app for various devices. Now Google Camera is also available for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. The App has been ported by XDA developers iDanBarmenchik, Defcomg, and Arnova8G2(Pie OS based). In this post, we will guide you to Download Google Camera on Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Exynos (Oreo and Pie). We have put up separate download links for both Oreo-based and Pie based Google Camera for both S9 and s9+. You can find them in the respective download section.

There is a good reason why everyone wants to experience the Google Camera on their devices. With the latest Android 9.0 Pie OS, the Google camera packs feature such as night sight, Portrait mode, AR support, HDR+, Pro Mode to name a few. In this following guide, we bring you both the root(v4.1) and non-root version(v3.5) of Google Camera for Galaxy S9/S9+. However, the Google camera is exclusively for S9/S9+ running Exynos chipset.

Download Google Camera on Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Exynos (Oreo)

Here are the download links for the rooted and non-rooted version of Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy S9. We have also put up the library fix patches for both S9 and S9+ in case you want a more updated version for the rooted devices.

Download Google Camera v3.5 for Galaxy S9/S9+ [No Root Access] Download Google Camera v4.1 for Galaxy S9/S9+ [Root Access Required] Library Patch Fix Download for Google Camera v4.1 for Galaxy S9 [Root Access Required] Download Library Patch Fix for Google Camera v4.1 for Galaxy S9+ [Root Access Required]

How To Install Google Camera on Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Exynos (Oreo)


Installation process

In case you opt for the non-root version of Google Camera, you can simply download and install the respective APK. However, if you opt for the rooted version, then follow this method.

Step-1 Enter your device into recovery mode. To do it switch your phone off.

Step-2 Hold Volume Down + Power for a few seconds.

Step-3 Release Power but continue to hold Volume Down.

Step-4 Once you are in the bootloader, use the Volume buttons to navigate to Recovery.

Step-5 Press Power to select and enter recovery.

Step-6 From the TWRP menu, select and flash the library patch fix for your respective device

Step-7 Then reboot the device from the recovery menu, and

Step-8 Now proceed to install the Google Camera v4.1

Step-9 Grant the necessary permissions and you’re good to go.

Download Google Camera on Galaxy S9

Download Google Camera on Galaxy S9 Download Google Camera on Galaxy S9

Download Google Camera on Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Exynos (Pie)

This is the download link for Google camera for Galaxy S9/S9+ based on AndroidPie One UI. This was is also exclusively for the devices running on the Exynos chipset. The device should also run Android 9 Pie.

Download Google Camera for Galaxy S9/S9+ Based on Android 9 Pie One UI

You can install it like any other App you regularly install.

So, that’s it, guys. If you’ve always wanted to try out the awesome Google camera on your Galaxy S9/S9+ then download it now as per your device requirements. Install and enjoy. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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