Download SN Write Tool Latest Version to fix IMEI problem

If you have an Android smartphone or a feature phone powered exclusively by a MediaTek chipset and want to write the IMEI number on your device, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you can download the latest version of the SN Write Tool to fix IMEI problems. SN Write Tool is a compact utility tool from MediaTek that allows users to write the original IMEI on their Android devices quickly. It operates on the Windows platform and connects your Android or feature phone via a USB cable to perform tasks.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique 15-17 digit identifier for every mobile device used to identify 3GPP, iDEN mobile phones, and some satellite phones. Remember that every mobile device has its unique IMEI number, which operates globally. If your phone doesn’t have an IMEI number or a null or invalid one, the carrier/SIM network will not function.

Download SN Write Tool Latest Version to fix IMEI problem

What is SN Write Tool?

SN Write Tool, also known as Serial Number Write Tool, is a small utility software developed by MediaTek for Android smartphones and feature phones that use MediaTek chipsets. The primary function of this tool is to enable users to write or rewrite the original IMEI number on their devices. It operates on the Windows platform and connects to the Android or feature phone via a USB cable to perform tasks.

In addition to IMEI, the SN Write Tool can also write other device-specific information, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses, barcodes, and serial numbers. This tool comes in handy when your device is facing IMEI-related issues, such as a null, corrupted, or invalid IMEI number, which can prevent your phone from connecting to carrier/SIM networks. It’s important to note that using the SN Write Tool should be done with caution, as manipulating the IMEI number may be illegal in some countries.

SN Write Tool Features

1. Write Multiple Or Single IMEI: Using this IMEI flashing tool, you can write single or multiple IMEI on your Android device depending on the SIM slot count (up to 4 IMEIs).

2. Write Options: Except for writing IMEI on your device, the SN Write tool lets you write Wi-Fi Address, Barcode, Wi-Fi EPPcopy, BT Address, DRMkey MCID, and Mac Address.

3. IMEI Lock Removal: This tool will help you to remove the IMEI Lock option in MediaTek chipset devices.

4. Multiple Device Support: SN Write Tool supports writing IMEI on all types of MediaTek devices, like Smartphone, Rndis Dongle, Feature Phone, Tablet devices (Wi-Fi only), and SP DualModem.

5. Database File Required: In order to use this tool, you will require the database file of your device on which you want to write IMEI. You can download the stock firmware for your device model and pull out the database file.

Please Note:

  • The tool only works on Windows PC/Laptop running Windows XP to Windows 10 [32-bit & 64-bit].
  • MediaTek Inc has provided the SN Write Tool publicly for free. So, all credits go to them.
  • This tool only supports MediaTek chipset-powered devices. Don’t use it for other processor devices.
  • Make sure that you only flash the original IMEI on your device. Flashing other IMEI on other devices is not legal.
  • If you want to know your device’s IMEI, open the dial pad and then dial *#06# on your phone. Alternatively, you can know the IMEI number of your particular device from the back panel of your device, the original invoice bill, or at the backside of the mobile box.


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