Best Ways to Stop Dropbox from Opening at Startup on Windows/Mac

Similar to iCloud and OneDrive, Dropbox is another handy cloud service for Mac and Windows. Like any other good cloud service, Dropbox allows you to synchronize your file to your PC. Also, you can backup and lots of other features that you can utilize in using Dropbox. But as default, Dropbox opens at startup on Windows/Mac PC to give you the best experience.

In case you want to stop Dropbox from opening at the startup, then there are options to disable this setting. Because as handy it may be, not all of us prefer cloud sync to your PC at startup. We are going to mention how to disable Dropbox at Startup the general way and also an Alternative way for Windows and Mac.

Best Ways to Stop Dropbox from Opening at Startup on WindowsMac

Best Ways to Stop Dropbox from Opening at Startup on Windows/Mac

By default, Dropbox will launch at startup on Windows or Mac, but you can change the default settings and disable Dropbox at startup. This particular method is for both Windows and Mac. So you can just follow the steps and disable Dropbox on startup for both Windows and Mac.

Method 1: Disable auto startup

Firstly, open up the Dropbox windows by clicking on the Dropbox icon. For Windows, the icon will be located in the bottom right corner Windows Notification area, and for Mac, it will be at the top right corner of the menu bar.

After you have opened the Dropbox window, click on your Account icon/avatar. It is located at the top right corner of the Dropbox window, the circle icon. A sub-menu should open up. There click on the Preferences option.

Once the Dropbox Preferences Windows opens up, go to the general tab and uncheck the Start Dropbox on System Startup option under the System label.

Best Ways to Stop Dropbox from Opening at Startup on Windows/Mac

Lastly, to confirm it, you will have to click on the OK button below in Windows. For Mac, just close the Preferences Window. Now you can restart your PC and check it works. If it doesn’t, check the Alternative methods below.

Method 2: Using Task Manager to Disable Dropbox at Windows Startup

Task Manager is a very useful application on Windows. You can kill tasks, check running services and applications, and much more. Here we will discuss how to use the task manager on Windows to disable unwanted Startup application, Dropbox.

Firstly, you will have to open up Task Manager, therefore go to the Windows Search bar, and type Task Manager. Select the first application from the result, which has a rectangle icon.

Now, go to the Startup tab in the Task Manager. Now you will see the list of startup applications, click on the Dropbox, and click on the Disable button below to stop Dropbox on startup.

Best Ways to Stop Dropbox from Opening at Startup on Windows/Mac

You can also right-click on the Dropbox application and select Disable from the sub-menu. After that, you can just close the task manager and check if it works or not. To start Dropbox, you will have to do it manually from the Start menu.

Method 3: Disable Dropbox on Mac Startup from System Preferences

Mac allows users to have control over the startup application from the System Preferences settings. Therefore, it’s very simple to disable any application on startup on Mac. Firstly, you will have to open up the System Preference by clicking on the Apple icon at the top left corner and then selecting the System Preferences option.

The System Preferences Windows will open up, there select the Users & Groups options. Then in the Users & Group Window, go to the Login Items tab, here you will have a list of applications.

Select the Dropbox from the list and down below, click on the Minus button to disable it. Now, just close the System Preferences, then log off and log in and check whether Dropbox starts or not.

The Dropbox won’t start at the Startup now. If you have disabled it on System preferences, Mac won’t allow it to start at startup.


If you want to disable Dropbox frodm startup launch on system reboot, then there is a general way. In which first, open the Dropbox window by clicking on the Dropbox icon. Then on the Dropbox Windows, go to your Account and select Preferences from the sub-menu. Head over to the general tab and uncheck the Start Dropbox at System Startup option, click on the ok button, and you are done.

An alternate method for Windows users to disable Dropbox on system startup is to use the Task Manager. Simply open up the task manager, go to the startup tab, select Dropbox from the application list. Lastly, hit the Disable button below. This will prevent Dropbox from launching at system startup.

Another method for Mac devices you can try is to go to the system preferences settings. Then move to the Users & Group. After that, go to the Login Items tab. Now, select the Dropbox from the list of the startup applications and click on the Minus button below.

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