How to Use Editor Chat in Google Docs

Let’s talk about the Editor chat feature of Google Docs. As the name suggests, people who have edit access to a doc file, they can talk with each other via text messaging on the go. This feature is available in all the online Google office program suite. The chat will take place between the two or more people currently editing the document. It is different from the usual feature where users with access to the doc file can comment.

Those users that have permission to view the document cannot chat with each other. With this guide, I have explained how you can use this feature. This is a great way of instant communication to share ideas to improve the document you are working on. Instead of sending frequent emails, you can easily use this feature to chat with other users working on the same doc file.

How to Use Editor Chat in Google Docs

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Editor Chat Feature of Google Docs

The chat header will show up beside the Share option in Google Docs only when you share the file with one or more persons with edit access. You can see the screenshot below.

How to Chat

  • Just click on the grey chat bubble to expand the chat section
    Editor chat in Google Docs
  • Type in your message inside the box that mentions Type Here to Chat and hit enter to send
    send message in Editor chat in Google doc
  • Then the other persons with edit access to the doc file will see a red dot on the grey chat bubble. This conveys there is an unread message.
  • The other users in the receiving end have to hover the mouse over the grey chat bubble to see the Show Chat option.
  • Click on the chat bubble to read the message and participate in the chat.
    chatting using Editor chat
  • To close a chat simply click on the X button you see in the chat header.


The chats are not saved permanently. When you close the tab or the browser, these chats will remove automatically. If you keep the Google Doc tabs open in the browser, then only you can see the chats all the time. To save the messages in the chat, you may take screenshots of the same.

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So, try the editor chat if you use Google Doc or other online Google apps for your work. I hope this guide was informative.

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