How to Enable Google Meet Grid View

Google Meet now launched Grid view as other video meetings apps have, like ZOOM. Apart from breakout rooms and virtual backgrounds, the popular Grid view enhanced user experience is available in Google Meet. Grid view layout will make it easier to view every participant in a meeting together with this feature. However, you have to purchase G-Suite Enterprises as the paid version comes with many features like record and shares the meeting or classes to others, Breakout rooms, and the Grid View is an addon feature. Here we know how to enable the Grid view on Google Meet.

Google Meet is provided with its user to connect with other Google meet users on platforms from different locations. In this present scenario of quarantine and lockdown, Google Meet connects with people virtually when it’s hard to meet them physically. Teachers can now take classes or corporate meetings to discuss various points on strategies, etc.

How to Enable Google Meet Grid View

How to Enable Google Meet Grid View

This year Google Meet rollout the much-awaited upgrades in recent months that make it more popular and user-friendly to people. The Grid View is one of the new features that are now available in Google Meet. The tool is now expanded the visible number of participants from four to sixteen people. As per the support page of Google, you can see participants on Grid view up to 49 people simultaneously. Before this update, Google Meet users use this feature through the Google Chrome extension ( Google Meet Grid View).

Grid view is a more useful feature, including spotlight, slider, and Auto feature, enabling you to access more participants in a single meeting. It is more beneficial for large meet-ups and those users who do not want to change the screen to check what other participants input. All the participants (up to 49 users) stay visible on a single screen with a Grid view.

How to Enable Google Meet grid View in Desktop

  • Open the Google Meet and join any meeting.
  • After that, click on the three-dot on the bottom right next to the Present Now option.
  • Now click onĀ the Change Layout option.
    How to Enable Google Meet Grid View
  • Next, select the Tiled from the available list to see the participants on Grid Layout.
  • Then Adjust the number of tiles by the slider from the bottom of the changing layout.
  • If you want to include yourself, click on four square icons from the top right corner.

How to Enable Google Meet grid View in Mobile and Tablets

The Grid View is currently not available on mobile or tablet devices. But you can use this feature by two methods. The first way is to open Google Meet in the web browser instead of a dedicated app and enable the desktop mode from the browser setting. After that, open the Google Meet, join the meeting, and then follow the above steps to allow the grid to view your mobile or tablet.

The second way is to join any meeting in the Google Meet app, and if any participants using desktop mode Grid view, then ask the user to share the screen with you for the entire session.

Troubleshooting Issue

You may experience some issues with the Grid view in Google Meet, like the video freezing issue. Here are some quick fixes for these types of problems.

  • Close all the tabs, Applications, or any other window that you are not using.
  • Try to turn off the camera.
  • Also, you can reduce the number of tiles in the layout. The open is available at the bottom of the Change layout list.


Here are all details about the Grid view in Google Meet. We hope now you can enable the Grid view by the above steps. If you found any difficulty enabling the feature or any other query about the Google Meet, do let us know in the comment box.

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