How to Farm Callisto Credits in Callisto Protocol

The single-player survival horror video game The Callisto Protocol is finally released on December 2, 2022. It is an action shooter video game that Striking Distance Studios created and that Krafton and Bluehole Inc. published.

The game is playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. Everyone is loving the game due to its thrilling and glooming atmosphere. However, some users are wondering how to farm Callisto Credits and use them in Callisto Protocol. 

If you also searching for the same, then this guide is for you. In this guide, we have shared how to get Callisto Credits. Also, we will tell you the use of these credits. So, let’s check out the guide.

The Callisto Protocol

How to Farm Callisto Credits in Callisto Protocol

It’s impossible to play a survival horror game without weapons, and as you go, you unlock new weapons or upgrades that will help you take on more difficult opponents. However, the majority of them are obtained through the use of in-game money. Callisto Credits are the in-game money in The Callisto Protocol. 

You must farm and spend this as your primary form of in-game currency during your quest. The primary mode of payment for printing and upgrading weapons, buying things, and using other helpful services will all be in the form of Callisto Credits. Therefore, it seems sensible that you would desire to get Callisto Credits more quickly right away.

Here are the methods for obtaining these Callisto Credits in the video game The Callisto Protocol.

1. Defeat the Enemies 

Credits can be earned by defeating enemies, especially different types of Biophage enemies. You can find them in Black Iron Prison to defeat and earn the Callisto Credits from them. If you want to fully upgrade your weapons or stock up on as many healing goods as you can in the game, you may want to try alternative techniques, however, you can earn a few Credits by simply completing each main story objective.

2. Stomp Biophage after killing them

Even after hunting down a Biophage, if you didn’t get the credits then don’t worry because sometimes you might not get Credits right away. So, make it a habit to walk up to enemies who are on the ground and stomp them to steal Credits from them.

3. Look into Chests and Containers

Containers or chests hidden in Black Iron Prison’s various areas can also provide Callisto Credits. Players will find chests and containers everywhere across the Black Iron Prison. Some of them might be hidden away in shadowy areas. Find Callisto Credits by exploring every corner and crevice and opening every chest and container.

4. Search in Cells

Looking into a cell is the next method of collecting credits. Left empty cells are worth a try. Most will give you a few credits as compensation for checking the cell. So after killing the enemies, be sure that you examined every open cell you come across while you explore the prison.

5. Complete the missions

Completing the major story tasks is another simple way to earn Callisto Credits. To earn some Credits, progress through the main story and finish as many missions as you can.

6. Sell items

The next method by which you earn the Callisto Credits in the Callisto Protocol is by selling the items. Any undesirable objects you have can be sold at a Reforge terminal for Credits. You can even attempt selling consumables and ammo from your storage for Credits. But do this only when you’re competent enough to go through the game with few supplies.


This was all for this guide on how to farm Callisto Credits in The Callisto Protocol. Now that you know how to earn credits, get enough credits and purchase items and face challenging enemies. 

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