How To Find Deleted Friends In The Snapchat App

Snapchat is a popular social media app particularly among teenagers. It’s also used by many celebrities and adults to connect with their friends. However, what can you do if you accidentally deleted someone and now you want to find them on Snapchat?

It’s not uncommon to accidentally delete friends from your social media accounts. As a responsible user, it’s important to make an effort to re-add them since they’re still your friends. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward method to locate and add deleted friends. However, we’ll be discussing some alternative ways to achieve this below.

How To Find Deleted Friends In The Snapchat App

How To Find Deleted Friends In The Snapchat App?

Delete any friend from your list in Snapchat is quite an easy task. Either the process is easy, but the chances to make mistakes are high, which leads to terrible friend drama. But don’t worry about that. We are here to sort out troubles related to Snapchat.

You can also re-add your friends by just entering some detail about their profile. Read the full article to understand the methods of finding a deleted friend.

Add A Deleted Friend From Your Friends List

You can easily add them to your friend list, if and only if you know your friend’s username. To do so, follow the steps:

Open the Snapchat app and go to your user profile at the top-left corner of the screen.

Search for the friend’s section and click on my friends.

A list opens where you will see all the users that you follow and that follows you.

After you remove any friend, they might be available on your friend list with a little plus sign. And if you want to re-add them then, just tap on the plus button. Try this method. It will definitely work, but only if they still follow you.

Add A Deleted Friend Using Their Snapchat Username

Open Snapchat app on your device and Click on + sign

How To Find Deleted Friends In The Snapchat App

Now Search for the username that you want to add; the profile should appear.

How To Find Deleted Friends In The Snapchat App

Click on the add button.

If the above proceeds with the message “user followed by you successfully”, you’ll easily re-add them.

If you don’t remember their username, then you have the option to recover it by visiting Snapchat using a web browser and select the Snapchat data option. A list will open, which contains the Snapchat data option.

Add A Deleted Friend From Contacts

There is an option to Sync all your data on the Snapchat app. And to do so, follow the instruction given below.

In Snapchat app, you will find the “Add Friends” icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on all contact options on the right side of the screen.

How To Find Deleted Friends In The Snapchat App

A full list of all your contact opens who uses Snapchat will appear. Find your friends and then hit the add button.

If in your contact list, you didn’t find a friend on that list who used Snapchat, then there should be a chance that they deactivate their account.

Can You Still Send Message Someone You Deleted?

Yes, you can message someone you deleted from your friend list, but it totally depends on their privacy settings. If they allow Everyone to send a message, then only you will able to do so.

If their privacy setting restricts you, then try to send a message to them, and if they respond to your message, then good, but if it shows pending, then it’s your bad luck.


Nowadays, Snapchat is gaining more popularity and increasing its user base continuously. On Snapchat, you can easily add or remove friends and also add a friend after unfriending them. This app has very good UI and easy to connect, which is great for sales and promotion.

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