How To Increase Your Snap Score? ? Best Ways to Increase It

We have all heard about Snap Scores from our friends who use Snapchat; they all crave to maintain high scores and Snap Streaks. Most of us might have noticed that Snap Scores are given based on random criteria that we cannot figure out for ourselves. So it generally asks what Snap Score is and how you can increase it.

Snapchat is widely used by millions of users every day, and it is hard not to come across this topic when conversing with some of our friends daily. When we start using Snapchat for the first time, we are introduced to some of the features Snapchat offers, and Snap Score is one of them. In this article, we shall cover what a Snap Score is and ways to increase your Snap Score with all the criteria that lead to a higher score.

What is Snap Score How To Increase Your Snap Score

What is your Snap Score

Snap Score is a unique feature in Snapchat, a popular multimedia messaging app. It is a numerical representation of a user’s activity and engagement within the app. Your Snap Score is displayed on your profile page and increases based on various actions you perform, such as sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, and interacting with friends on Snapchat.

In essence, the Snap Score is a reflection of how active and engaged you are on the platform. However, it’s important to note that the exact calculation of the Snap Score remains somewhat mysterious, as Snapchat has not disclosed the precise algorithm or factors that contribute to it. Nonetheless, having a higher Snap Score can be seen as a sign of being an active and involved Snapchat user, even though it doesn’t have any direct impact on the app’s features or functionalities.

Where to find my Snap Score

Finding your Snap Score is pretty simple, just follow these steps, and in no time you should be able to see your score.

  • Open Snapchat on your smartphone device by pressing the icon of the app. You will be greeted with a camera user interface along with some buttons that mean different things.
  • On the top left of the screen, press on the profile picture to open up your profile, this will bring up all details related to your profile.

Where to find my Snap Score

  • The picture above is how a Snapchat profile looks. Here we can see various details such as – Snap Score, our Zodiac sign, the Bitmoji we use, and some buttons that lead to tabs like settings.
  • Clicking on the number opens up a new dialog box that lets you know how many snaps you have received and sent. Though, adding them does not equal your Snap Score.

Is it possible to check a friend’s Snap Score?

Yes! The steps to check your friend’s Snap Score are almost identical to opening your Snap Score, but instead, you will have to either search their profile, or you will have to press on their profile picture while the chat is open.

Some people would like to see how their score is compared to their friends, it creates a friendly competitive environment amongst friends and brings a small joy when they know that they are doing better in terms of score.

How to increase your Snap Score | 2023 Guide

This is very simple as Snapchat makes things user-friendly, it sticks to its purpose to help your increase your Snap Score. We just have to follow the features Snapchat has to offer us. Some of the features that every user must know are the following –

  • Sending Snaps to your friends.
  • Receiving Snaps from your friends.
  • Adding more friends in and out of your contacts.
  • Maintaining Snap streaks with your friends.

There are also some other ways of increasing your Snap score, such as –

  • Posting stories regularly.
  • Bonus booster if you have been inactive on Snapchat for a very long.

There are also some points to keep in mind that do not lead to Snap Score increasing –

  • Sending the same snap to multiple users does not increase points significantly.
  • Text messages sent do not count as snap points.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snap Score

Does my Snap Score have a limit?

Not at all! We know this as most of our friends might have a Snap Score of over 500,000! Thus, we conclude that Snap Scores have no limit.

Is it possible to lose Snap Score Points?

No, Snap Score Points only increase with the usage of Snapchat and do not reduce; this also makes Snapchat user-friendly and not a daily chore to maintain the Snap Score.

My Snap Score isn’t updating! What to do?

There could be numerous reasons why your Snap Score won’t update; here are some quick fixes that we suggest you follow –

  1. Close Snapchat and reopen – A very simple fix that most users fail to do; in the heat of pressure, they forget that reopening an app fixes many issues.
  2. Clear cache of Snapchat in App settings – Clearing cache fixes minor bugs, thus also updating your Snap Score indirectly.
  3. Reinstall Snapchat – Reinstalling Snapchat might remove beta access and update you to a live version which might fix the issue.
  4. Snapchat Servers might be down – Sometimes, it might not be our fault; Snapchat servers might be down, therefore, taking time to update the Snap Score.


This brings us to the end of this guide for increasing your Snap Score. Increasing Snap Score isn’t difficult if you are regularly using the platform. So keep using it and follow the above tips to increase your score.

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