What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat?

Modern social media platforms have revolutionized the way we use different apps and services to interact and communicate with one another from all corners of the globe. Snapchat is one such popular social media application that has been quite popular in recent years. With its unique approach to messaging, Snapchat has garnered a massive user base, particularly among the younger generation. However, like any technology-driven platform, Snapchat comes with its own set of terminologies and features. These terminologies are not always consistent and become a point of confusion for users, especially those new to the app. On such confusion users normally ask is What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat?

While navigating through Snapchat’s platform, you will come across this label multiple times, leaving you questioning its implications and significance. To understand this feature better, we need to delve into Snapchat’s intricate workings and uncover the meaning behind this intriguing notification. In this guide, we will share all important information regarding what this notification means, the reason behind this concept and what you can do to navigate through the notification to foster your current friendships. Additionally, we will discuss the potential reasons behind this feature and how it contributes to maintaining user privacy and control over their overall app experience.

What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat

What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat was launched in 2011, and the app quickly gained popularity among young users for its unique features, such as disappearing snaps and stories. These functionalities fostered a sense of urgency and engagement, encouraging users to share moments in real-time and spend more time on the app every day. The concept of streaks, when users send snaps back and forth to each other consistently, makes them more engaged and loyal to the app.

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In simple words, “Ignored From Added Me” signifies a notification that you will encounter on Snapchat when someone ignores your friend request or removes it altogether. This notification can also appear when you send a message to someone who chooses to ignore it. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat focuses on maintaining user privacy and control and thus has set up this particular feature.

Reasons Behind Ignored From Added Me

The act of ignoring a friend request or message on Snapchat can be due to various factors. Social media interactions are not devoid of human psychology, and factors like the fear of rejection, the desire for curated connections, and the impact of perceived popularity come into play. On the other hand, many users wish to keep their friend circle smaller and more intimate so they choose to ignore multiple friend requests to avoid interactions with unknown individuals.

The “Ignored From Added Me” notification on Snapchat can have profound implications on the dynamics of your overall relationships and friendships on the app.  If you send someone a friend request or message, and they ignore it, you might feel left out or disconnected. This feeling could make you less likely to interact with others in the future. So for the recipient, handling friend requests and messages with empathy becomes morally challenging, as these interactions contribute to shaping their online persona.


With a plethora of features designed to connect people worldwide, Snapchat continues to be a favourite among millennials and Gen Z. However, navigating through the various options and terminologies on the app can be bewildering, especially for newcomers. I hope the above guide for What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat? has solved your queries regarding the subject. If you still have any further questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat?


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