What is Snapchat Planet Order Mean on Snapchat Plus?

Who does not know about Snapchat? Snapchat Plus, the premium subscription service offered by Snapchat, has introduced a new and intriguing feature known as Snapchat Planet Order. This feature has piqued the curiosity of Snapchat users, prompting them to explore its significance within the platform. In this article, we will describe all the highlights of Snapchat Plus and what makes it different from the normal Snapchat. We will also explain What is Snapchat Planet Order means on Snapchat Plus? and how you can use this feature.

Snapchat Plus is widely used by youngsters and even the older age group. The application is available for iOS, Android, and even for desktops. The Application enables its users to upload videos and pictures that they call “SNAPS” and the only thing that differ this from other social media is the chats you have in this application including the Snaps disappear after some time or even just after viewing it (if you chose so).  However, these functions have mixed reactions from users, and that is why you have the option to save any chat so that you can view it again and again whenever you want.

What is Snapchat Planet Order Mean on Snapchat Plus

What is Snapchat Planet

The Snapchat Planet is nothing but the improvisation of the user interface of Snapchat and this got a thumbs up from all the users globally. The Snapchat Planet in the Snapchat Plus just works like our Solar System. The only difference is that the planets are replaced by your close friends.

The Snapchat Planet lets you choose your eight closest friends that revolve around you just like the planets and your account is represented as a SUN. However, this may sound silly to some users but this is the best to keep your friends close.

This has also spiced up the user interface and experience of some users. You can assign the 8 planets as your 8 close friends in the order. Snapchat Plus also has some extra features that include.

  • Ghost Trials
  • Story Rewatch Count
  • Lets you pin your BFF
  • You can customize chat wallpaper

What is Snapchat Planet Order

Till now you must have a good idea about the Snapchat Panet and how it works in the Snapchat Plus. This Snapchat Solar System planets orders means that you can choose the eight closest of your friends and arrange them in the Planatory orders. You can assign different features to your friends but the different planets have different functions. If you have assigned Mercury to someone that means that the friend is closest to you.

In a similar way, if you have assigned Neptune to someone, that means that the friend is farthest from you. The Snapchat Plaet orders are the representation of your close friends in the planetary orders. Here is the description of the al the planets in the Snapchat Planet Order.


The closest friend is assigned to Mercury, Just like how the planet Mercury is closer to the SUN. There are some features assigned to the mercury such as the Pink Colored Planet and the Red Hearts around the Planet.


The friend assigned to the planet Venus is the 2nd closest friend in your Snapchat and the features assigned to Venus are Beige Color Planet with Pink, blur, and yellow heart.



If you assign someone to planet Earth, your friend i son the 3rd number, and the features assigned to planet Earth are Green and Blue colored planets with a Red Heart and Moon.


If you have assigned Planet Mars to someone that means they are on the fourth number and the feature that comes with the Mars planet is Red Colored Planet with Purple and Blue Heart around the planet.


Jupiter is the 5th planet in our Solar System and if you assign someone as Jupiter that means that friend is your 5th favorite, the features assigned to Jupiter are Orange color Pink blue, and yellow stars around.


The Saturn Planet is sixth on the list and if you assign someone as Saturn that means that friend is your sixth favorite friend. The feature assigned to Saturn is the yellow color planet and Pink, Blue, and yellow stars around the planet.


The Uranus is seventh on the list and if you assign some friend as the Uranus, that means that friend is the seventh favorite friend of yours and the feature assigned to this planet are Green Color and yellow Stars around the planet.


The last planet on the list is Neptune and the last friend can be assigned as Neptune, the features assigned to Neptune are Blue color planet and Blue stars around the planet.


This brings us to the end of this guide for What is Snapchat Planet Order Mean on Snapchat Plus. You can see how every friend can be assigned as a planet and you being the sun, can choose the ranking of your closest friend as you like.

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