Where to Find U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield? How to Fix if Keycard Not Working?

Are you stuck with the U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield, too? It seems like the keycard isn’t working for a lot of people. Starfield has just been released, but it’s already one of the top-grossing games of this year. The space theme action RPG, published by Bethesda, takes place in the Milky Way galaxy with real and fictional planets you can explore. The massive world contains over a thousand planets that you can get to using your spaceship and even settle on some of them. In this guide, we will take you through an issue that players are having: the U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield.

Starfield is every space fanatic’s dream, as the game lets you freely explore space as you fight enemies and collect resources used to make your weapons and equipment. At the beginning of the game, you can customize your character and give them the traits you want before you get into completing missions and earning rewards for them. As the game is still new, it’s normal to get stuck on a quest, but don’t get frustrated as there might be a fix for it. Let’s find out where the U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield is and how to fix the issue if the keycard is not working.

Where to find U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield

U3-09 Security Keycard Location

In Starfield, you will be completing the main story mission which has a series of quests, along with other side quests. If you’re intent on progressing through the game, completing the main quests is essential. However, many players are stuck at a particular point, which occurs while trying to complete the Groundpounder quest. To begin this quest, you will need to wait for a distress signal sent to you by Private Mahoney. You will need to clear the group of Spacers who are positioned on Altair II, near the Freestar Collective Research Outpost.

After talking to Corporal Lezama as part of the quest, you must use the U3-09 Security Keycard. This is where most players get confused, as there are two U3-09 keycards. One is called the U3-09 Security Keycard, and the other is the U3-09 Facility Keycard. You can get the U3-09 Security Keycard from Sergeant Dasari, who is upstairs after you speak to Lezama. However, the U3-09 Facility Keycard is given to you by the soldier next to the doctor in the room.

What most players don’t realize, is that they don’t have both keycards as the game doesn’t explain the steps properly. You will need to have both keycards in your inventory to progress through the Groundpounder quest in Starfield. Talk to the Sergeant and the soldier to get the needed items. Once you have both keycards, you can proceed with the quest successfully.

Furthermore, if the game doesn’t let you proceed into the Comms Center, it’s probably because some more Spacers are left to kill. Look around and kill all the remaining Spaders outside the facility as well to get Lezama to open the door.


That’s the end of our guide on how to find the U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield. If the keycard isn’t working, you probably use the wrong one. With both the Facility and Security keycards, you can proceed with the quest and complete it. Now that you know how to progress in the Groundpounder quest with the U3-09 Security Keycard Location in Starfield, finish the quest. You can move on to the next mission and finish the quest line faster. Check out our page for more Starfield guides to stay on top of your game.

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