How to Fix Gmail Waiting for Sync Error on any Android device

Synchronization problems can also occur with Google’s own mail service app Gmail. Among other things, this can result in the fact that you cannot receive, open, or send new e-mails, the application works very slowly, or the error message “Account not synchronized” appears. And here, too, it is important first to check your smartphone’s internet connection, as it is the most likely source of errors. You should also try to sign in to your Gmail account on another device.

If the Gmail app is out of sync, there are different reasons for this. Sometimes it is due to the internet connection or incorrect login data. Or certain settings on your smartphone or in the app are to blame. A full smartphone memory can also cause problems. As a rule, all of these causes can be quickly remedied with our tips.

How to Fix Gmail Waiting for Sync Error on any Android device

Method 1: Update the Gmail app

Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone and enter Gmail in the search bar. Select the right app from the list of search results and also check if an update is available for the application – if so, install it. A new version of the app may solve the existing problem.

Method 2: Restart your device

However, restarting your smartphone can often resolve an existing synchronization problem. So keep the power button on your mobile device pressed longer and then select the “Restart” option.

Method 3: Check the sync settings of the Gmail app

To do this, first, start the Gmail app on your smartphone and then touch the three lines at the top left to open the app menu. Then tap on your e-mail account under “Settings.” The “Sync Gmail” option must be activated here. Now switch to the Settings app on your smartphone. Under “Users and accounts,” activate the item “Automatically synchronize data.”

Method 4: Empty your smartphone’s memory

Sync problems can also occur if there is not enough memory available on your smartphone. To make room again, you can uninstall apps, delete photos and videos, or remove other files that you no longer need.

Method 5: Delete the Gmail data from your mobile device.

If the problem with the previous steps has not yet been solved, you still have the option of removing the Gmail data from your smartphone. However, please note that data can also be lost as a result of this process.

Open the settings on your device and scroll down to the point “Apps and notifications.” Then tap on “Gmail” and later on “Storage.” Confirm the action “Delete data” with “Ok.” Now restart the device again.

Method 6: Erase the memory of your smartphone

If all previous attempts to solve the problem have not worked, the last option is to erase the memory of your mobile device and the contact details from your smartphone.

  • To do this, however, you must first create a backup of this. To do this, open the Contacts app on your phone and then tap the three dashes in the top left to open the menu. Under “Settings” and the “Manage contacts” tab, you will find the “Export” option. Select “Google Drive” as the storage location for the file with your contacts and tap the “Save” button.
  • Now you have to remove the data saved in the clipboard from your smartphone. To do this, open the settings on your smartphone and follow the path “Storage -› Free up storage space. ” Scroll down and confirm the process on the right under “Free up storage space.” As a result, double-tap the back button on your smartphone, and this time, open the “Apps and notifications” area. Select the “Contacts” item here. You will now find the “Delete data” option under Storage. Execute the action via “Ok.”
  • In the next step, restore the contacts on your smartphone by going to the Contacts app again, opening the menu, touching the “Settings” entry, and also tapping the “Import” option. Select the VCF file that you previously saved on your Google Drive storage.

I hope this guide was useful to fix Gmail Waiting for Sync Error on any Android. You can leave a comment below if you have any queries related to this article.

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