Fix: Google Nest Thermostat Not Working Properly

It is without debate that Google is a software-first brand and specializes in advertisement and marketing. But this is not to say that they haven’t tipped their toes in a few hardware ventures. The Pixel lineup of smartphones is a great example of what Google can accomplish when they get things right. Google is also one of those giants that like to acquire smaller companies and inject their products with even better software and integration. Nest is one such product lineup that Google has brought life back into thanks to their exceptional software and assistant support.

Google Nest is a go-to brand for those who are looking for a smart way to control your home’s thermostat without paying a fortune for a device that usually just sits on a wall and doesn’t need to do much. For $129, the Google Nest Thermostat offers you much more than that. Not only does it fulfill its duties as a thermostat for your home, but it has features like monitoring your house’s temperature, communicating with other Google Home-supported devices, and allowing you to control it from virtually any corner in the world.

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However, not all is butterflies and rainbows with high-tech products like the Nest Thermostat. In fact, several users have had complained about their Google Nest Thermostat not working properly over the years and this seems to be quite a common issue surrounding the product. In this guide, we will be going over a few ways you can tackle issues with your Nest Thermostat.

Fix: Google NEST Thermostat not working properly

How to Fix Google Nest Thermostat Not Working Properly

For an error surrounding products like a smart thermostat, there are not many reasons and the fix is usually easier than you might anticipate. All Google Nest devices come with an LED indicator that flashes either a red or green light to indicate if it’s working or not. We can use this diagnosis to pinpoint just what the issue might be. Following are a few common ways to fix your Google Nest Thermostat when it isn’t working as it should.

Fix 1: Nest Thermostat LED blinking Red

Your Nest Thermostat can blink either a red or green light indicating different modes of operation. A blinking red light is a sign of a low battery level. The solution, in this case, is quite obvious and simple. Just plug in your Nest thermostat to a wall outlet with a USB cable that supports fast charging. Depending on your Nest thermostat’s model, you may either require a Micro or Mini USB cable. We recommend you leave the thermostat plugged in for a couple of hours and let it trickle charge for a while to ensure it doesn’t power down as quickly.

If your Nest thermostat still has a blinking red light despite hours of charging, try switching to a different cable and power adaptor combination. Alternatively, you can visit a Google store near you or contact support regarding a battery replacement if it has been a while since you’ve owned your thermostat.

Fix 2: Nest Thermostat LED blinking Green

A green blinking LED on your Nest thermostat indicates an ongoing software update. Typically, a software update or a reboot should last not more than a couple of minutes but if your thermostat has had the blinking lights for more than 20 minutes, it could very well be caused due to a botched software update. This usually happens due to sudden power failure or bad internet connectivity while updating.

To force restart your Nest thermostat from a frozen update, disconnect it from the base and leave it turned off for a couple of seconds. Put it back into its base and your thermostat should now reboot properly.

Fix 3: No blinking LED light whatsoever


This is the scariest outcome of the three and could signify one of many things. It’s possible that your Nest thermostat simply drained out of battery and is unable to even power the LEDs, in which case you need to have it plugged in for a while before it turns back on. If charging it doesn’t yield any results, ensure that the display is properly connected to the base. Any loose contact between the pins will prevent the thermostat from powering on.

Alternatively, ensure that your system is getting proper power from the circuit box itself. Try to toggle the breakers and switches that control your thermostat and see if that fixes the issue. Check your fuse box and make sure the fuse hasn’t blown due to a recent power surge. The best way to see if the problem surrounding your thermostat is within your home’s system itself is to plug in an older thermostat (if you have access to one) and see if that works.

If you’re convinced that your Nest thermostat itself is dead or faulty, visit a nearby Google Store or contact support to see if you can get it replaced or repaired. You can also take your thermostat to a local electrical shop to see if there’s any faulty wiring that’s causing it not to work properly.


We hope our guide on how to fix Google Nest Thermostat not working properly was helpful to you. If you have any tips other than what we’ve mentioned, do let the other readers know in the comments below! If you have any queries regarding the guide, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help!

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