How To Fix Hulu Green Screen

Hulu is a popular video streaming app that allows users to watch live TV, movies, and other shows online. To access the content, users need to purchase a subscription. Currently, Hulu has over 46 million subscribers and offers a variety of shows to keep viewers entertained. However, some users have reported issues with the app on their Smart TVs, which can be frustrating and prevent them from enjoying their favorite shows. In order to help users fix this issue, we have created a guide that will provide simple steps to resolve any errors with the Hulu app on Smart TVs.

How To Fix Hulu Green Screen

Why Is The Hulu App Issue Occurring?

The issue of Green Screen that is occurring on your Smart TV can be caused due to a lot of reasons. So, we are listing out the most common reasons through which you can face this issue.

  • Software Issues
  • Firmware Issues
  • Server Down
  • Internet Connection Problem
  • Using VPN Server
  • Connection Issues

How To Fix The Hulu App Issue?

We are here with the fixes through which you will be able to resolve your issue with Green Screen. Therefore, check out the methods to fix this issue.

Restart The App

This is the first basic step that you should try. Many times this type of error occurs due to corrupt app files. So, it will be better that you should restart the app on your Smart TV to try fixing this issue. So, to do this, close the app, and also switch off the Smart TV and wait for a few seconds. And, after it, again start the app, then check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Check Internet Connection

Make sure that you are using a good internet connection which is providing a good download speed. You can also check this by running the Internet Speed Checker on your device. If the downloading speed of the internet is good then try running the Hulu app and if the speed is not good then switch to other connections to fix this issue.

Server Issue

This issue can also be caused by the server-down issue from the app side. So, in this case, we suggest you check whether there is an outage on the server of the Hulu app or not. You can check this by googling about the servers of the Hulu app. It will show you if there is any server outage issue. So, if there is any outage issue, you have to wait as they will fix it soon.

Clear Cache From The App

If this issue still persists on the app, then it will be good to try clearing the cache files from the app. So, in case, if any files are corrupted or not working correctly after the startup, then you should clear the cache of the app. So, clearing the cache files will fix this type of issue easily.

Uninstall and Reinstall The App

Even after clearing cache files, if the issue has not been fixed, you should try reinstalling the app on your Smart TV. So, uninstall the app first, and after it switches off your Smart TV, and then reinstall the app from the play store of your Smart TV. After doing this, check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Firmware Update

Ensure you are running your Smart TV on the latest firmware version. The Firmware lets the app work smoothly on the Smart TV. So, regularly update the Firmware of your Smart TV to avoid this kind of issue.


We have discussed all the methods through which you can easily fix the issue of the Green Screen on your Smart TV. Also, we have mentioned the reasons through which you can get to know why the issue is occurring to you on your Smart TV. So, ensure you have implemented all the methods properly to fix this issue. Also, if you have any other methods through which you have solved this issue then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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