FIX: Insignia TV Black Screen Issue

Thousands of Insignia TV owners have reported about the black screen issue. The display is not turning on despite trying to turn on the television multiple times. Many LED units have options in the control panel that can alter the display settings. I have prepared a guide to counter the black screen issues in the latest and older Insignia models.

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Why is it causing the Insignia TV black screen issue?

The TV owners must learn about the black screen issue. You can prevent similar display issues down the line. I have listed valid points on what is causing the black screen issue in the Insignia LED display units. Many newer and older models have similar architecture, and you can recognize the error earlier.

Removable Devices:

You may have connected a removable device such as the setup box with the TV. The setup box might have lost signal. There is an issue with the removable device. Look into the device settings or hardware to confirm the problem.

Bad Connections:

All electronic machines have cables, connectors, and sockets. We connect all cables once and leave them untouched for a long time. Dust is a natural enemy for electronic products. Dust particles accumulate over time and create bad connections.

Incorrect Settings:

Modern Android TVs have advanced options and features in the software. You can customize the LED TV as per your taste, and it can create unknown problems. You must have turned on an option causing the black screen issue.

Internal Component Failure:

The LED TV has three components inside.

a. LED lights / Backlight

b. Display

c. Motherboard

There might be a problem with one of the internal components. We purchased a new LED TV after our old unit stopped working out of the blue. I have provided a solution, and we don’t want you to waste your time and energy on the old television.

Power Supply Unit Failure:

We have to take the hardware failure into account. However, the faulty power supply is applicable when the machine is not working. The power supply unit might have burned out after years of usage. Of course, I have written down a solution to save your time and money.
Most LED TVs reach an irreparable state, and you could buy a replacement for the repair cost. Try the solutions below and make a final decision.

FIX: Insignia TV Black Screen Issue

Follow the tutorial and apply the solutions in order. I have suggested a solution to contact the authorized engineers. I request the readers contact the authorized engineer because they will save money and time. I have shared my story below to help you make a final decision.

Check Cables and Bad Connections

Many high-quality cables and connections loosen up with time. I can name any brand, and they all suffer from the same problem after a while. You should check all wire connections in the television, and I have listed them below.

a. Power Cable

b. HDMI Cable

c. Multimedia Cables

d. Setup Box connections

The connections loosen up after months or years of usage. All TV manufacturers focus on the build quality keeping the price bracket in mind. Take your time to remove the cables I have suggested and reinsert them after a few minutes.

Clean Smart TV and Cables

Many TV owners clean the unit from time to time. However, the cleaning takes place on the front exterior and ignores the rest of the space. Dust is a natural enemy of electronic goods. Dust accumulates over time, and it creates problems with the connections. You should take time off your busy schedule and clean the electronic goods. Let me give you a quick idea of how to clean a Smart TV these days.

a. Pick up a dry cloth.

Do not involve any liquid cleaner in the process. We don’t want to damage any internal component, and it’s not easy to repair liquid damaged goods.

b. Remove all cables and connections.

Place all cables in a separate location.

c. Clean the TV using a dry cloth.

d. Clean the ports using a dry cloth.

The metal parts should be clean and free from dust particles.

e. Use an air blower to remove dust from tricky areas.

f. Clean the cables, and you can use the air blower to remove dust particles.

Remove dust, debris, and mold from the Smart TV and cables. Do not rush into things and finish the work faster. Take your time cleaning the TV unit.

Check Setup Box

The Insignia black screen issue could be the setup box issue. Many third-party cable service providers are using proprietary devices to transmit the signals. Let me give you a few service provider names like Altice USA, Verizon, Comcast, Charter Communication, AT&T, Frontier Communications, Tata Sky, Dish TV, etc. All TV cable service providers use proprietary devices.

a. Remove all cables.

b. Clean the device.

c. Clean the ports.

d. Clean the cables.

e. Restore the connections.

f. Remove the device identification card and reinsert it.

The setup box at my home faced a similar problem. The signal cable was loose. You have to figure out the root cause of the problem and resolve the issue.

Disable Sleep Mode in the Smart TV

Standby mode has become a useful feature on Android TV. Millions of TV owners leave the unit turned on for hours, even when it’s not in use. The sleep timer assists the owners in saving money on electricity bills by turning off the display after one minute to thirty minutes of inactivity. The Insignia TV black screen could be the inactivity timeout. Let me show you how to turn off the Sleep Timer on Android TV OS.

1. Turn on the Smart TV.

You can use the voice command system to turn on the television.

2. Click on the gear icon to open the “Settings” app.

3. Choose the “Screen Saver” option from the menu.

4. Choose the “Put device to sleep” option.

5. Select the “Off” option.

6. Choose the “Sleep Timer” option.

7. Disable the feature.

You have successfully disabled the sleep timer on the Insignia Android TV. Some Insignia Smart TVs are running on Fire OS, and the UI may differ. The instructions will remain similar in the Fire OS because the software is built on an Android TV project.

Smart TV Backlight Failure

LED TV has working lights in the unit. Many TV owners shared that they could hear the audio from the speakers, but the display remained dark. I have suggested a solution below to confirm the backlight failure. We have to inspect three components in the TV, and we have to start with the lights.

1. Turn on the TV.

You can use the “Hey Google” or “Ok, Google” voice command to turn on the TV.

2. Play any video or visit a channel.

Make sure you can hear audio from the internal speakers.

3. Turn on the flashlight.

You can use your smartphone flashlight.

4. Point the flashlight on the display.

The TV’s backlight is faulty if you can view the image. The backlight must have reached the final stages, and you can ask the engineers to repair it. Move on to the next solution if there’s no image in the display.

Display Panel Failure

My Smart TV had a black screen issue a few months back. The TV display panel reached its life cycle end. I will share instructions to identify the panel failure in your Insignia unit. We should test the display in the second self-test.

a. The LED TV dies slowly and takes less than a minute.

b. Ask your family members if the TV displayed brusque lines.

c. Discoloration.

One of the symptoms indicates display failure. My Smart TV had brusque lines before the signs of life went out. We purchased a new TV since the repair cost was not worth it.

LED TV Motherboard Failure

I don’t recommend the readers approach the third-party repair stores. The local engineer took the TV to the nearby store and promised to repair the unit. I suggest you follow the instructions below.

a. Don’t consult the local engineer.

b. Contact the manufacturer’s customer care.

c. Ask them to inspect the TV unit.

d. The manufacturer will assign an official engineer to inspect your Smart TV.

e. He will confirm the problem.

The official engineer will confirm the Insignia TV black issue hardware failure. The service engineer installed a new motherboard and tested the unit for panel or backlight issues. Unfortunately, the Smart TV had panel failure, and the repair cost is not worth it.

Bottom Line

You can solve the Insignia Smart TV black screen issue by following the official solutions. I don’t recommend readers to reach out to the local engineers since they may scam you. Approach Insignia customer care and ask them to inspect the television unit. The company engineers don’t make money off your problem, and they install genuine parts. Let us know how you solved the black issue of Insignia Smart TV.

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