I’m Getting Logged Out of Google Chrome: How to Fix This.?

Google Chrome browser uses your Google email account to enable sign-in. This allows you to save the passwords for various websites. Using cookies, the browser remembers the passwords you use for these sites. So you do not have to log in repeatedly whenever you access the websites. Even if you quit Chrome, you still stay logged in to them. Sometimes, users complain that they get logged out of Google Chrome when they close the browser. This can be irritating as you have to look for passwords for various websites you use and log in every time you access them.

In this guide, I have put up some troubleshooting methods to help you fix this issue. Usually, this problem may arise due to a bug in the Chrome browser software. There can be some issues due to many junk files in the browser cache, which needs refreshing. Also, if you have not enabled cookies, the browser may log you out of the websites. Besides, you have to ensure the cookies are not set to get cleared once you quit Chrome. Then you will be logged out of the websites. This guide will cover all these aspects, and you can tweak the settings on your browser. So, let’s dive into the guide.


Getting Logged Out of Google Chrome: Troubleshoot

First, try to reboot the system. Maybe you just installed some updates and did not restart your PC. That may have some effect on the applications. So, Chrome may log you out due to that. Close or save the active work that you are doing and restart your PC. Now, check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Check Cookie Settings on Chrome

First, you need to check that cookies are enabled for all websites you access and log in to. Also, you must ensure that cookies are not set to clear out once you leave a website or Chrome browser.

  • Launch Chrome browser
  • Go to Settings > In the Search Settings type cookies and other site data.
  • As the option shows up in the result, tap on it to expand it
    Cookies and site data
  • On the next screen, there is an option Allow All Cookies. Tap on it.
    Allow all cookies if you are getting logged out of Google chrome browser

Now, do not exit the page yet. Next, you have to make sure that for any website that you visit, cookies don’t get removed upon exiting the website.

In the same Cookies and Other Site data tab, scroll down to an option Clear Cookies and Site Data when you Quit Chrome. Normally, it’s disabled by default. Make sure it stays disabled to keep the cookies on the websites that you visit or log in to.

Also, scroll down a bit; two more options should be on the same page.

  • Always Clear Cookies when the Windows Are Closed
  • Sites That Can Never Use Cookies

Make sure both of those options are set to No Sites Added. This means the list consists of no such websites whose cookies will be cleared upon quitting that site or closing down Chrome. We want the websites to save the cookies for the second option, so we will not add any website under that option.

Chrome Sign-In Should Be Enabled

If your accounts on various websites are not syncing and you are getting logged out of Chrome or other sites, then you have to make sure that the sign-in for Chrome must be enabled.

  • Go to Settings in Chrome
  • On the left panel tap on You and Google
  • Tap on Sync and Google Services to expand it
    enable Chrome Sign-in on Google Chrome
  • Scroll down to the option Allow Chrome Sign-in. Make sure that the toggle is enabled (set to blue)

Clear Cache of Chrome

Cache clearing is required when the application is storing a lot of junk files and temporary files in the memory. All that clutter will lead to bugs and glitches. So, it’s wise to clear up the cache time-to-time.

  • Open Chrome Settings by clicking the 3-dot vertical button at the right end of the browser page
  • Then in the search box start typing Clear…
    Clear Google Chrome browsing data
  • You will see the result will display with an option being Clear Browsing Data. Click on it to open/expand.
  • When it open switch to the Advanced tab
  • Set the Time range to All Time
    Clear browsing data if you are getting logged out of Google Chrome
  • Make sure to untick all the checkboxes except the one that says Cached images and files
  • Then tap on Clear Data

Disconnect and Re-Connect Google Account

When you log into to Chrome browser, you use a Google account. In case, you are getting logged out of Google Chrome all the time, then follow this troubleshooting method. You have to disconnect the aforementioned Google account from the Chrome browser. Then afterward when you start to use Chrome again, you have to log in using that account.

  • Open Chrome Settings > tap on You and Google
  • Just beside your name, there is an option Turn off which will turn off the syncing of your Google email with that of Chrome browser.
    disconnect google account
  • Close Chrome browser and after a few seconds launch it back again.
  • Add your Google Email account whenever it asks you for that as you start using Chrome.

I am very sure you will not get logged out of Google Chrome browser anymore while using it.


All your passwords, browsing details, and website bookmarks will remain unaffected by this action. So, rest assured and carry out this troubleshooting method.

Reset Chrome Browser Settings if you are getting Logged out of Google Chrome

One of the last troubleshoot is to reset the settings on Chrome if all of the other methods that I have explained above doesn’t work properly.

  • Open Chrome > tap on the 3-dot button on the right-hand side to expand a menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Then on the left-hand panel, click on Advanced
  • Scroll down to Reset and Clean Up. Tap on it
    Reset and clean up Chrome
  • Tap on Restore Settings to their original defaults

Remember that this move will reset everything and remove all the bookmarks, passwords, and other settings you have tweaked. For the passwords, I suggest you note them down before resetting the browser.

So, that’ all about all the Troubleshooting methods you need to know to fix up if you are getting logged out of Google Chrome. I hope that you found the guide useful.

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