How to Fix Windows Search Box is Missing Issue?

Windows 10 is a treat to use, and now Windows is, even more, user-friendly than ever before. Initially, people had mixed feelings about Windows 10, but eventually, they realized how much more convenient is this new offering from Windows. It came with lots of little tweaks, and one of them was having a search bar always there at the bottom left corner of the screen. Previously we had to click on the Windows button, and then we will see the search bar, but not anymore. Now it is always there for use with just a simple click away.

However, there have been some users who have complained that the search bar is missing from their computer. This could happen if there is any sort of altered setting, or if there is an error on the system. Whatever may be the case, in this article, we will look at the possible fixes in this scenario. That is, we will see how we can bring the search bar on screen all the time like Windows 10 was designed to be.

How to Fix Windows Search Box is Missing Issue?

Use Windows Shortcut

This is something that many might prefer, rather than always having a taskbar there at the bottom. All one needs to do is hold on to the Windows Key+S, and the search dialog box will pop up with recently and frequently used applications on top. This is a rather quick and easy way of using the search function of Windows.

Disable Tablet Mode

Hold down the Windows+A keys, and the action center will pop up. Here you will see a number of toggles for a number of settings. Look for an option that says “Tablet mode.” If it is glowing and turned on, then simply click on it and turn it off. Having the tablet mode on will result in OS making room for itself by removing the search and various other taskbar shortcuts too. So if you are using Windows on a PC, it is recommended to turn it off.

Change taskbar settings

Right, click on your taskbar and from the list of options, go to search. There you will find hidden, show search icon, and show the search box. If it is set to hidden, then that is why your search bar is not there. You can set it to either of the other two, where the icon option takes very less space than the box option.

Enabled small taskbar buttons also sometimes result in a hidden search bar. So again right-click on taskbar > Taskbar settings > Disable Use small taskbar buttons.

Restart Windows explorer:

Press down on the Ctrl+Shift+Esc button, and that will open up the task manager. There scroll down and look for the process “Windows explorer,” right-click on it and tap on restart. A warning though, this will terminate all the Windows that are currently open. So any Windows related tasks like copying or moving should be taken care of beforehand.

Windows troubleshooter:

Hold on to Windows key+I to open up the settings menu. There in the search bar, look for find and fix problems and tap on it once you find it. It will open up a new window, and there under the advanced tab, check the box next to “Apply repairs automatically.” Click on next, and then Windows will look for errors in the system and try to fix them automatically.

Update Graphics drivers:

Sometimes updating the graphics driver can be the answer. There is a very slim chance that this will be the issue, but there is no harm in trying it out. Search for “device manager” and open it up. There, in the monitor and display tab, look for your installed graphics driver. Right-click on it and click on “Update driver.” Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the procedure.

Create and local user:

Press down Windows Key+I to open up settings. Then click on Accounts > Family & other users > Add someone else to this PC > click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” in the pop-up menu > click on ” Add a user without a Microsoft account” > Enter desired username and password for the new account > follow the on-screen instructions thereafter to open up the new account. This will create a new local account that will share the same settings as your default account and not have Windows account settings.

Click on the start button, and there at the top, you will find your newly created account. Tap on it and open it up. If the Windows search box error is fixed, then go to settings > Accounts > Family and other users > click on change account type option present there just below the newly created account. Here you will find a drop-down list with options “Administrator” and “standard user.” Click on “Administrator” and start using your new account thereafter.

These simple fixes should resolve your issue of missing the search box in the taskbar. If the problem persists, then check if you have any corrupted or damaged system files. If it is a system file corruption issue, then reinstalling Windows is the only probable solution to it.

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