Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp | List of All Proxy Server

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We cannot deny that we use WhatsApp daily for different purposes. It is one of the most used social media platforms around the globe. WhatsApp is evolving and bringing new features out of the box every few months. If you have noticed, WhatsApp has launched a very useful feature known as proxy.

WhatsApp provides better features and accessibility than any other messenger app on the market. Many institutions and companies use WhatsApp to expand their business by reaching their customers through it. The app is available on almost all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

WhatsApp Proxy feature was launched worldwide on January 5, 2024. Currently, this feature is only available to users who are subscribed to WhatsApp beta. The proxy feature will be rolled out for regular users in the coming days. According to the reports, many WhatsApp users wonder about the best proxy address for a seamless experience. If you are also wondering the same thing and cannot figure it out, do not worry; we have a proper guide for you.

Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp List of All Proxy Server 2023

Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp

Before heading to the list of proxy addresses for WhatsApp, let’s briefly understand what a proxy address is and how it works. A proxy is like a bridge between the client and the server. It connects a user to the world of the internet, through which the user can access various contents on the internet.

The proxy makes requests on behalf of the client. The proxy appears to be the client’s original IP address, but it is not (it only acts superficially). This can hide the client’s original IP address to speed up different requests on the internet. Proxy servers help in improving internet speed, unblocking websites, and providing the capability of being anonymous on the internet.

Around the globe, there are various proxy addresses through which one can connect to the internet. But a question arises: why does WhatsApp work normally without connecting to the proxy? So what is the use of proxies in WhatsApp? Let me make it clear for you.

There are many countries (let’s consider China) where WhatsApp is banned, and no one can access it. Suppose you are a resident of a country where WhatsApp normally works (let’s consider India). Now, if you travel to a country that has blocked WhatsApp’s services, you cannot access WhatsApp out there as your IP address will point to a country where WhatsApp services are blocked.

Here comes the role of a proxy. It hides the user’s original IP address and behaves as if it is bypassing the firewall. With this feature, you can now access WhatsApp even in blocked countries.

List of All Whatsapp Proxy Servers 2024

Proxy addresses help maintain privacy and security. So if you are worried about any security or privacy breach, there would be none of that. It’s safe, and it’s also free. The messages are also end-to-end encrypted, so only you can access them.

During the shutdown of WhatsApp in your locality, you can use a proxy address to use WhatsApp seamlessly. Here is a list of all the free proxy addresses for WhatsApp 2024.

IP Address Port Code Country Anonymity 40804 IN India Average 80 IN India Transparent 80 IN India Elite 83 IN India Transparent 3129 IN India Elite 8080 SA Saudi Arabia Transparent 8111 SA Saudi Arabia NOA 8080 SA Saudi Arabia Average 8111 SA Saudi Arabia Elite 8080 SA Saudi Arabia High 9093 LB Lebanon Transparent 9093 LB Lebanon Elite 9093 KB Lebanon Transparent 8080 PK Pakistan (KPK) HIA 8080 PK Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Elite 8080 PK Pakistan Anonymous 8080 PK Pakistan NOA 8080 PK Pakistan Anonymous 8080 PK Pakistan ANM 4995 PK Pakistan (Islamabad) High 8080 QA Qatar Elite 8080 QA Qatar NOA 8080 QA Qatar Transparent 4145 OM Oman Anonymous 80 OM Oman HIA 3128 AE United Arab Emirates Transparent 53281 AE United Arab Emirates HIA 3128 AE United Arab Emirates Anonymous 80 AE United Arab Emirates HIA 8080 AE United Arab Emirates NOA 8080 IR Iran NOA 59166 UK United Kingdom Average 80 IR Iran Anonymous 3128 IR Iran High 8088 IR Iran NOA 8080 IR Iran (Tehran) HIA 5678 TR Turkey High 8080 IQ Iraq HIA 8888 IQ Iraq NOA 8090 IT Italy elite proxy 8111 AF Afghanistan HIA 8080 AF Afghanistan (Kabul) NOA 8090 ID Indonesia elite proxy 9050 DE Germany Anonymous 8888 FR France anonymous 80 AU Australia elite proxy 80 BD Bangladesh High 8088 HK Hong Kong anonymous 9443 ES Spain elite proxy 80 FR France elite proxy 8088 HK Hong Kong anonymous 7779 HK Hong Kong anonymous 808 GB United Kingdom elite proxy 80 CH Switzerland elite proxy 80 DE Germany elite proxy 80 ES Spain elite proxy 80 HK Hong Kong elite proxy 1088 Bangladesh elite proxy 59166 US United States of America elite proxy 59166 US United States of America elite proxy UK United Kingdom elite proxy

The above table shows the IP address, port, country code, and capability of being anonymous. Now let’s see how to use a proxy address in WhatsApp.

How To Use Proxy Address In WhatsApp

Using a proxy address in WhatsApp is quite easy, and you can perform it with no effort. The option is present inside the app, so you have to connect through it and not through any third-party source. These proxy servers are setup for various authorities and organisations for the welfare of the people to communicate freely and easily. Now, let’s see what steps are involved in connecting to a proxy address.

To begin, find the best proxy address for you. You can search on the internet or select one from the above list.

  • Launch WhatsApp and head to the settings option.
  • Tap on Security and Data and look for the proxy.

  • Tap on “use proxy” and enter your preferred proxy address.

  • Finally, click the save button, and you are ready. WhatsApp will now use the proxy address you have set on the app.

Note: If you cannot receive or send messages in WhatsApp, use a different proxy address and repeat the same process to connect.


This brings us to the end of this Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp guide. Please note that a free proxy address for WhatsApp can be a useful tool for you if you face any internet restrictions in your country or region. However, you must choose a reputable and secure provider and use additional privacy and security measures, such as a VPN to ensure your online safety.

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